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The Miner's Bane is a short horror animation set in the universe Endventures is in.


The short begins in a dark Mineshaft, where a player is hiding beneath the ground from an unknown monster. The monster finds the player and digs him out of the ground, presumably killing him.

It cuts to another player running away from the same creature through the Mineshaft. It comes to a

Spooky scary skeleton)

cross roads, and the player chooses to go to the left after seeing the monster on the right. He continues running, but stops to try and find where the monster is.

Yet again, it cuts to another player, this time a girl walking down a shaft. She sees the monster's shadow around a corner and hides behind it, and continues walking down, running when she sees an empty one.

It cuts yet again to a different player, hiding behind a post. He hears something walking towards him and prepares to swing his pick-axe. He accidentally kills the girl from the previous scene by impaling the pick through her skull. This horrifies him, as he kneels down, hands over his face. He quickly realises that the monster is coming for him, and quickly leaves the girl.

When running, he comes across another player that has survived, shushing him after he tries to speak. They run down a dark shaft together as it fades to black. The blonde player stops running to light a torch, only to realise that the other player has gone missing. He walks down slowly, breathing heavily. The monster jumps out at and kills him.

It cuts back to the other player, as he is shown stopping after running from the monster. He glances back, only to realize that the other player isn't with him. He then sees the monster fully and quickly bursts into a sprint, the monster only inches away from him. The player spots another miner, quickly turns the other way, only for the monster to leap towards the miner, killing him. The player comes across a nether portal, a stream of lava on either side of the room and piles of TNT. The monster is seen sprinting at the player down a long corridor. The player quickly detonates the TNT in the lava and runs into the portal, thus stopping the portal from letting the monster in and him into the Nether. Because of this, the player can't go back, as the portal is no longer working. The player with his head down, kneeling beside the empty portal as the screen fades to black.


Animator, Story and Creator : Willcraft Animations