A Change of Team (or ACT for short) is a upcoming fanfiction based around TheAuroraWolf's series Dark.


Kclar was taken for tests they wanted infomation From her about her friends' abilities and showing photos asking her if she remember.

But due to her childish nature, Kclar giving him stupid answers and starts talking about something else (much of the annoyance to the Black hazmat..)

He then shown a video of her group (except Shuura) forcing them to say mean things about her cutting the videos off so they wouldn't be able to Say anything else.

Kclar broken down into tears, then they took her back to her cell where she was rude to her group. She ripped one of Impatiens' petals, yell at Luna and told Aurora to eat a dog treat.

Kclar then was taken to a another cell but this one is clean, this is where she meets Spectre...


  • If they want a laugh, I'll give them a f*cking laugh! - Kclar to herself
  • Thank lord you used your brain. - Black hazmat to Kclar
  • When a team divides, singlers, like you and I, get promoted. Some peeps like us even become hazmats - Spectre to Kclar


• Kclar claims that she never swears but however she did use the word f*cking.

• Before the roleplay, I had a similar idea to this but was later andobaned.

• It is unknown why the Black hazmat chose to brainwashed Kclar.

•When Kclar told Aurora to go eat a dog treat, she could be refrencing how the hazmats calls her a dog