The Albino Enderwoman is one of the minor characters in Endventures.

Albino "Enderwoman"

White enderman

Wrecker being healed by a nurse.

The white Enderwoman's first appearance is in the Episode 9 of Endventures. As the white Enderwoman was seen bandaging Wrecker's torso.


The white Enderwoman is a white "enderman" with pink pupils. The first and only white Enderwoman that the series shows is a woman who works as a nurse. It is unknown if this color refers to her status as a nurse, or she is a female.

She seems to have the same size than a normal Enderman and has the same morphology, apart from her albescent skin and brighter than-normal-pupils.

Powers and Abilities

It is assumed that the white Enderwomen can teleport, like normal Endermen do.

The nurse can also treat her patient(s) with medical materials, like bandages (unlike Endermen).


  • Her skin is based on the Enderwoman mod also known as the Ender Stuff+ mod.
  • Herobrine's cameo is seen behind them. But he is hard to spot and additionally in a quick scene, where he can be spotted with eyes or/and by pausing in time of where you can clearly see him.