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Ideas (Put your ideas here!) Edit

Current / Poll 3 Edit

Who is the better villain? Zupay or Zombieswine?

Suggested by Baddy2004.

Next / Poll 4 Edit

Who is the funnier zombie? Zombee or Nobraynes?

Suggested by Kclar228.

Poll 5 Edit

Who is better in your opinion? Endie or Endy?

Suggested by Baddy2004.

Poll 6 Edit

Whose the better inventor, Dr. Creepy or Red Stone?

Suggested by Luna4s

Poll 7 Edit

Who is the best shapeshifter, Shadowshifter, Lord Laskig, or Voidheart?

Suggested by SkywarpStorm

Poll 8 Edit

Who is the best Enderman: Endie, Endy, Slendy, Tendy, Wrecker, or Endreai?

Suggested by SkywarpStorm

Poll 9Edit

Which vehicle most suits Zupay: A tank, a MAN TAKRAF RB293 , Bucket Excavator, or a Grapple Truck?

Suggested By SkywarpStorm Edit

Poll 10 Edit

Who would win in a fight, Decay or the Endermaster?

Suggested by DragonRoar4238

Poll 11Edit

Who is the best creepypasta,  Herobrine, Lord Laskig, or Entity 303?

Suggested by SkywarpStorm

Poll 12 Edit

Who is the most evil, Lord Laskig, Endermaster, Zupay or Voidhart?

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