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Endblade Image

The Endblade's appearance.

The Endblade is a weapon used in Endventures, commonly used by the endermen.

Role in the seriesEdit

  • They are commonly used by the endermen and The Endermaster in Endventures.
  • Known users are Endreai, the Endermaster, Wrecker, the Ender Guards, Shadow and an unknown enderman captain who owned Shadow's endblade before he stole it.
  • It is currently the strongest weapon in Endventures.
  • When it is wielded by an enderman, it is able to create shockwaves that has the same effect as a direct hit from the sword, but over a greater distance.
  • Larger versions of these swords are only used yet by the Generals, such as Endreai and Wrecker.


  • It looks like a normal sword, but the blade is purple in color. Its handle is a darker purple.
  • There is an another appearance of endblade but with a longer blade. It was seen in Episode 10 of Endventures where The Endermaster used it in his training. It still shares the colors of a normal Endblade.

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