The Ender Guards
Enderman grauds
The two Enderman guards on the Endermaster's meditation/training island
Series Endventrues
Appearance Normal endermen, wields a pair of Endblades, donning obsidian armor.
Role Minor Characters
Personality Foolish
Hobbies Protecting the Endermaster
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The Ender Guards are minor characters in Endventures. They are The Endermaster's guards. In Episode 9, they are seen with The Endermaster in his castle. In Episode 10, one of them insulted Endaria and got "crushed" to death by the Endermaster's Telekinesis.

In Episode 12, one of them can be seen discussing with the Endermaster about saving Wrecker from Porkey. The Endermaster ultimately decides to use his Astral Projection to kill the unaware battlepig.

Their appearance are like normal endermen but in the "Basic Obsidian Armor" and wielding a pair of Endblades. They may have Elite Rankings for becoming Endermaster's guards.



  • The Enderman guards seem to be slightly disliked amongst the other endermen