The Enderman Triplets
Triplets Image
The Triplets
Series Endventures
Appearance Normal Endermen.
Role Quinary Antagonists
Personality Loyal and quite clever.

Endy is not to be confused with Endie. They are completely different endermen.

"We'd love to stay,

But we can't,

We've got work to do." -Endy, Slendy and Tendy's final words before vanishing.

Endy, Tendy and Slendy are the quinary antagonists of Endventures. They are three enderman siblings that work for the Endermaster. They are quite cunning, but tend to avoid battles. They prefer to bribe other monsters to do the dirty work for them, then take all the credit. They later reappeared in Episode 12.

Role in the Series

So far they have appeared in three episodes. Their first debut was in A Creepy Chase, when they bribed a pack of creepers with fake diamond blocks to attack the protagonists and steal the map to the rebellion city. They then made a minor appearance in Shadow's Identity Crisis to introduce the Endermaster to his new castle. The last time they were seen was in Witchcraft, when they made Boom kill himself to protect Nobraynes and revealed to the protagonists that they stole the map. After that, they teleported into the Crazy Witch's house and abducted her.


All three of them look like average endermen and they are almost always standing next to each other, due to that and them being triplets who stay out of harm (so they won't receive disfiguring injuries), one cannot be distinguished from the other.


They like to stay out of danger and try to please their master as well as they can by completing less dangerous tasks like spying, delivering messages and stealing. However they still kidnapped the crazy witch when told to do so and killed Boom despite the risk.

When talking, they always let the first one say a sentence (or a part of what they have to say), then the middle one, and finally the last one.

It does appear that each of them have different personalities as at sudden moments they personality changes from funny to cruel to deceiving to obedient.


Apart from their slightly higher intelligence than the average enderman and their stealth, they don't have many special traits other than teleporting and other regular enderman abilities.


  • Slendy's name is based on the faceless legend, Slenderman.
  • They refer to their eyes as "seeing-tools" as seen in a split-second during the witch's abduction.
  • Even though they try to stay out of harm, they have done dangerous tasks such as abducting the witch and killing Boom. They have also suffered a blast from the Endermaster and an eye injury from the witch.
  • Endy is not Endie in the Monster School series.