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Nobraynes learns a 'new word' (Comedy) by Kclar228 (WARNING: swearing)

Nobraynes carried a huge garbage bag full of rubbish, he was carrying it to be dispose of in a garbage bin. Once he made it to the outside bin, he threw the trash in it like a basketball going through a hoop. Nobraynes look at the bin to find some writing on it, graffiti to be precise. He look down at it, he was lucky that Redstone taught the zombie how to read.

"Colin is such a horrible dude," Nobraynes read and he pull a confuse face "No he not, Colin is noice!"

He found another one, which he thought it was unfinished.

"Wrecker sucks..." Nobraynes wrote under the grime "Hambuagers". 

Nobraynes laugh to himself for a short minute and then he stop when he saw another piece of graffiti,  he look at it and it seems interesting and new.

"The Endermaster is a" Nobraynes got stuck at the last word. "The Endermaster is a..what?" Nobraynes squinted his eyes, looking at the word and he try to pronounce it.

"The Endermaster is a F*ck head" he read it, he heard someone coughing next to him, he look to find Wrecker. He seem to look highly insulted.

"Do you KISS your MOTHER with that MOUTH?" he ask as he teleport off angrily.

"Actually, me no have muther," Nobraynes reply just as Wrecker disappeared.

Click-clack came walking outside, he shut the door behind him. Click-clack look at Nobraynes and smiled, he walk towards the happy-go-lucky zombiee.

"Hey Nobraynes," Click-clack said, Nobraynes turn around to look at him. 

"Ello Click-clack!" Nobraynes greeted waving his hand at him. 

"What's up?"

"Do you no what word this means?" ask Nobraynes

Click-clack look at the word.

"The Endermaster?" he asked "Oh, it means he's da ruler of the end,"

"No, not dat word, dat word!" Nobraynes pointed to the word.

Click-clack look at it and read it aloud.

"F*ck?" he questioned.

Nobraynes nodded.

"Me not no what it means.." Nobraynes admitted.

Even Click-clack didn't know what it meant, He try to think of an good excuse of what it meant. Suddenly he got one.

"Maybe is a another word word for good manners," Click-clack suggested. Nobraynes perked up listening to him.

"Like, good evening F*ck, would like me to F*ck you?"

Nobraynes giggled.

"Me want to try, me want to try!" Nobraynes cheer jumping up and down "Why Click-clack, your hat looks F*ck!"

"Thanks for that Nobraynes, your shirt is...f*ck as well!"

The two chuckle and went back to the watch tower.

The next day, they both walk out of the tower to greet their friends.

Click-clack found Katie practicing her archery skills. She found Click-clack picking up his bow and arrows, she smiled happily.

"Morning Click-clack," Katie said happily. Click-clack stand next to her and shoot the bulls-eye, he was really good at archery unlike any-other skeleton.  Katie try shooting the target but missed. Click-clack pat her on the back and gave a short smile.

"Wow, Katie, that's f*ck." he said and Katie's face fell. She dropped her bow and arrows in shock horror.

"C-click-clack, d-did you just say-" she was interrupted by Nobraynes who went to greet her.

"Hi Katie, would you like me to f*ck you?" he asked, Katie walk back away from him. Nobraynes has his arms spread out, Click-clack smiled.

"Yea Nobraynes, go f*ck her!" he said "She had a bad day and f*ck at archery".

Katie looked disgusted, she scream when Nobraynes hugged her.

"Nobraynes..s-stop!" yell Katie in both disgust and anger, she push the zombie away. Making him stumble.

Click-clack look confuse of why Katie just did that to him.

"Katie, what's wrong?" ask Click-clack who went to help Nobraynes up. "Nobraynes only want to f*ck you."

"THAT'S what's wrong!" Katie yell "Click-clack, why are you and Nobraynes saying that."

"It means manners," Nobraynes smiled and they both walk off.

Katie was puzzled but disgusted.

"Those two will regret it.." she said to herself, continuing back to practice.

Redstone was working on his inventions, when he spotted the two heading their way.

"Hi Red," Click-clack and Nobraynes said in unison but  Redstone didn't heard them, all her heard was mumbling. He was too distracted on his inventions, his inventions were like his babies, some that weren't made were his unborn babies and some that are failed are stillbirths. 

"So Red, are you F*cking your inventions?" ask Click-clack. Redstone's eyes widen under his goggles. He definitely heard that.

He turn to look at Click-clack with his mouth agape. He was silence for a moment but then he finally coughed and spoken up.

"Click-clack..did you just said the...f word?" he asked and Click-clack nodded hastily as Nobraynes walk over to a microphone which was connected to the build in speakers that were in ever building in the whole city.

"Is this mic on?" Nobraynes asked Red who slowly nodded. "Good, because me want to give everyone f*cks!"

Red's eyes widen again as he was force to watch Nobraynes speaking into it.

"Ello Everyone, how's your f*cking morning, me just want to f*ck everyone for being here for us! Me first want to f*ck Rebel leader for keeping us F*cking safe!"

The rebel leader splat out his cereal.

"And me like to F*ck Colin for being a hero and he likes to give his pig a f*ck while he's asleep!"

Porkey punches Colin in the face.

"That's not true Porkey!" Colin try to convince him.

"Is it?" ask a nearby Villager, Colin sweat a bit and Porkey just oinked angrily.

"And me like to F*ck the Endermaster for f*cking all his Endermen!"

The Endermaster somehow heard this and all the Endermen turn to look at him with dirty looks, they walk off covering their crouches. Meanwhile Shadow was meditating in his bedroom.

"And lastly, Me like to F*ck Shadow for joining our team and becoming an awesome Enderman!"

Shadow stopped, what he heard was sick.  He thought he must of misheard it, so he gotten up and headed to Redstone's house which was next to him.

"Red, what's going on?" he ask as he enter his house.

Redstone glare at Click-clack and Nobraynes, he then reply.

"Those two..mobs, had just talk rubbish to everyone!" he yell "By saying ONE word that was forbidden in Minecraftia!"

"And that isss?"

Redstone whisper the word.

"What?" ask Shadow.

Redstone whisper it again.

Shadow gasped angrily and turn to look at the two mobs.

"Click-clack, Nobraynes! That is the most filthiest word i ever heard!"

"What do you mean Filthy?" ask Nobraynes.

"THAT word is a swear word! One of the most baddest swear words i ever heard," he explain.

The two look at each-other and gasped.

"SWEARWORDS?!" they screamed, the two then try to clean their mouths. Nobraynes wiping his tongue on Red's invention and Click-clack taking his head off and stuffing his mouth with a bar of pink soap.

"In fact, there's about 18 bad words,"

"Don't you mean 7?" corrected Redstone.

"Not if your an assassination!" Shadow said with a wink.

"Woow," said Nobraynes as he turn to look at Click-clack "That's a lot of f*cking words.."

Shadow walk over to the two dirty mouthed mobs.

"If i ever catch you two swearing your mouths off again, I'll punish you both!" Shadow warned, the mobs promise and walked off.

"Wow i'm glad Shadow told us those were swear words," said Click-clack sitting inside the watch tower with Nobraynes, They had a board game out. The game read 'Sliverfish and Stairs' (It's like snakes and ladders but Minecraft style).

"So would you like to play Nobraynes?"

"YES!" Nobraynes smile "Playing with Click-clack fun! Yay! Can me go first?" Nobraynes smiled, Click-clack nodded and he  also smiled.

Nobraynes rolled the die and got Stairs. He cheered and move his small character (a pink Enderman wearing a scarf) up the stairs. Click-clack nodded and roll his die but got...

"Sliverfish?" he groan, Click-clack move his piece (an blue Skeleton riding a horse) down the Sliverfish.

"Mai turn!" Nobraynes exclaim and he roll the die again. "YAY! Stairs!! UP UP UP ZE STAIRS!" Nobraynes said as he move his piece up another stairs again.

Click-clack grunted and picked up his die and rolls it.

"Come on, Stairs, stairs staaairs.." he said but then groan angrily. "AWW, Sliverfish?!" he move his piece down the sliverfish.

"Me next!" Nobraynes exclaim and he roll the die again. "YAY! Stairs!!" Nobraynes move his piece up the stairs and he cheered, then he frowned and look at Click-clack who seem annoyed.

"Sorry Click-clack, but if you get Sliverfishy, you lose." Nobraynes said as he pointed at a picture of the Sliverfish but however, it had huge bold Red letters reading 'You lose'. Click-clack growled in frustration as he shake the die harder and harder yelling: "STAIRS! STAIRS! STAIRS!!!"

Before finally throwing the die on the board, the die stopped on a picture of stairs. Click-clack laughed and cheered.

"STAIRS!" he exclaim but then his eyes widen when the die suddenly roll to a picture of a angry sliverfish with it's tongue sticking out. 

"Sl-iver-fishy," Nobraynes said slowly.

"AWW F*CK!" yell Click-clack in anger but then quickly covered his mouth.

Nobraynes gasped and pointed at Click-clack.

"You said a no no word!" he screamed in shock.

"No, Nobraynes, it was a huge mistake," Click-clack pleaded "Yea, it's just ALL a mistake, it just slipped out."

Nobraynes paused for a moment. Click-clack sighed in relief.

"ME TELLING SHADOW!!" yell Nobraynes running out of the door, Click-clack gasped and he quickly ran after him.

Click-clack chase him and panicked. He didn't wrong his best friend to tell Shadow that he had accidentally swear. He finally manage to caught up with him.

"Nobraynes please don't tell!" Click-clack begged, Nobraynes turn straight around to look at him.

"But you said f*ck!" Nobraynes said before quickly covering his mouth, Click-clack grinned.  Now the table had turn on him.

"Ha! You swear, now i'll tell Shadow!" Click-clack exclaim with a cheeky smirk before running past him.

Click-clack ran and laugh like an certain insane Enderman. He then stopped when he notice Nobraynes riding a Enderman who was running as well. Nobraynes chuckled as Click-clack turn to look at him in a stupefied way.

"See u at Shadow!" Nobraynes laughed but then he screamed when the Enderman teleported, along with Nobraynes.

Click-clack sighed with relief and he ran inside Shadow's house, interrupting his sword practice.

"SHADOW SHADOW SHADOW!" yell Click-clack, he sounded like a tattle tale child.

"Yea yea yea?" ask Shadow.

"Nobraynes Nobraynes Nobraynes!"

"What what what?"

"He said he said he SAID!"

"Click-clack..will you just tell me already?" ask Shadow impatiently. Click-clack blinked and then he nodded.

"Me and Nobraynes were playing Sliverfish and Stairs, then i got frustrated and he ran off then he..he-"

Just then the door slam open, it was Nobraynes but however he was wearing the Endermaster's clothes and crown. Nobraynes took them off and ran to Shadow.

"SHADOW SHADOW SHADOW!" Nobraynes screamed. Shadow sighed angrily.

The two started trying to tell their own side of the story but to Shadow, It sounded like jumble up words and mumbling. He couldn't make out what they were trying to tell him. Finally he had enough, he slapped both of their mouths shutting the pair up.

"Will you guys tell me one by one, what had happen?" he asked his eye twitchy. Click-clack and Nobraynes stopped, they went quiet for a bit. Then they both spoken up.

"He said F*ck!" they said in unison, Shadow cringed at the word and he gave them a filthy look.

"I warn you two but you didn't listen!" he said in anger, glaring at the two. "Now you'll both be punish.. follow me to my room now!" The two friends nervously nodded and followed Shadow. Nobraynes turn to look at his buddy in horror.

"Click-clack, me scared.." Nobraynes whimpered. Click-clack sighed.

"I'm scared too" Click-clack admitted "I don't even know what he's going to DO with us."

They watch as Shadow open his bedroom door, there in the middle of the room was a Bonsai. Shadow look at it proudly.

"You two will be helping me with my Bonsai," he said "By picking up the leafs i cut from it.." Shadow made his way to plant but just then he stub his toe on his blade. He yell in pain and start hopping on it.

"Ughh, son of a bi*ch!" he splat, Click-clack and Nobraynes eyes widen when they heard him yelling these strange...'slangs'.  They sounded like...bad words..swear words they realized, Click-clack began counting them. "You stupid C*nt!, why would you do that you f*ck head! You idiotic piece of sh*t! you little-"


Click-clack stopped counting and realize that he said all 18 bad words, there was only one thing to do.

"WERE telling Colin!" Click-clack said, Shadow's eyes widen.

"No! Please don't!" but it was too late, Click-clack and Nobraynes already ran off to tell on him.

And that's why we don't swear in Minecraft forks!

The end

Unlikely Team (Wolves) by TheAuroraWolf

Rating: PG Aurora sat on the large rock that protruded from her den, in the side of a mountain. She was basking in the sunlight, listening to... Silence. She took a deep breath, then opened her blazing amber eyes. Her grey pelt shone in the sunlight, the ball of fire to her left. This is why she enjoys dawn. The she-wolf lifted herself from the stone and started padding towards the stream at the base of the hill side, a decent eight paw-bounds (miles) away. She yawned, then stretched downwards to take a drink of fresh, sweet water from the stream.

Out of the corner of her eye, was a black figure, racing in odd directions, clamped in its jaws was a gleaming, long stick-like object. The creature itself was jet black, but the sunlight only made it lighten to a still-dull grey. The wolf's eyes seemed to be purple, or something similar. It had a strange object hanging on its head. It was clear of what caused it to dash; a pack of rouge wolves.

Aurora stood further down the wind, avoiding her scent from being noticed. She sniffed the winds, which blew from the wolves' area. Then a sharp, dusty scent hit her nose, which almost knocked her into the stream. It was the scent of 'Ender'. She knew immediately of which individual it was. It was the second-in-command of the great shape-shifting Endermaster, a creature strong enough to take down many with his bare strength alone. The black wolf she was looking at is Wrecker.

Aurora remembered the memories of the End, when the Endermaster gave her the 'deal'. It was a contract, of her service to the Endermaster, but in return, if he conquered the overworld, she and her allies will get a small portion. She accepted, but later, screwed the deal off. The Endermaster only replied that he MIGHT spare her, but he was still thinking whether or not.

Aurora watched from her distance, keeping an eye on Wrecker. She narrowed her eyes, looking at the darting wolves in a quarrel, swiping and slashing each other. Unfair advantage for the Ender wolf, as he was outnumbered. She questioned the skill of the one of the others, who was sloppy and tripped over itself. It stood up, before being knocked off its paws a third time.

"Noob. Learn to fight if you want to live!" Aurora whispered to herself. She held her head up, and proceeded to walk to the battle field. At this point, there were only two rouges left, as the other three fled into the forest.

Wrecker and an iron-armoured wolf were locked in the midst of battle, eyes locked on each other, predicting moves of the opponent. Aurora stood her distance and sat. The rouge reared up and with his iron sword, knocked Werecker to his side. Wrecker immediately regained composition, teleporting himself up, then teleporting yet again, only behind the player.

It was fine until Wrecker was slashed in the back right leg by one of the other players. He tumbled down to inspect the scrape, but was forced to make a manoeuvre when the player charged at him once again. The player was now above him, trying to bring the sword down, but instead, Wrecker pulled of a defence to prevent so. Wrecker teleported, but as he did so, he landed next to Aurora!

"Oh, looks like you would want to help an old ally out, would you?" Wrecker hissed mockingly into Aurora's erect ears. She looked at him, then looked at the players. She gave him a glare, then crouched down.

"Why not? I may have ripped the deal, but the Endermaster will at least appreciate my contributions!" Aurora replied, before swiftly charging into the fight, with her diamond sword in her jaws. Wrecker charged behind her, slightly delayed by the scratch on his hind leg. His endblade flashed in the sunlight, along with Aurora's enchanted blade emitting particles that flowed behind her.

The fight is resumed once again, but as Aurora crashed the player to the ground, she swapped her sword out. Instead, she reared up and bit down hard, and didn't let go of the squirming life below her. The player squealed, his fur prickling and on point. Aurora stayed there for a few moments, then retracted, blood staining her teeth.

"Wow. Never seen anyone do that move before. Master would just use the blade's edge... Like me." Wrecker teased, impressed at Aurora's sudden ferocity. He started to inspect the blade the players used against him, then stashed it away.

"I'm not weak, Wrecker. You saw the damage on that rouge, next, it'll be you." Aurora insisted, baring her bloody teeth.

"Hah. The blade is a LOT better." Wrecker remarked, facing the grey and blue she wolf.

"Swords are for the weak. I prefer using your own claws and teeth." Aurora snarled, licking away the blood on her paws and snout, "I only joined in when you were so desperate. Don't drag me into your business. If I was in the Endermaster's clan, I would have been higher than you are."

Wrecker started to grin creepily, before narrowing his purple eyes, "Oh no, not at all. The only rank above me is the master himself. You can sit under my command."

"Or I would replace you as General. Better work, as you came running for help like a coward," Aurora spat, before trotting away, "oh yes, and also...

We make a very good team."

Click-clack dials 'E' for the Endernet (Comedy) By Kclar228

"Click-Claaaaaaaaaaaack!" scream a child-like voice, Click-clack groan angrily and walk into his and Nobraynes' bedroom. The group had agreed on Redstone's plan of buying computers to connect to each-other if their somewhere else.

After lunch Nobraynes decided to go on Click-clack's computer in his room but he seem to be having trouble with something.

"What's up Nobraynes?" ask Click-clack in a more annoyed tone.

Nobraynes turn to look at Click-clack while pressing on all the keyboard's buttons, hoping that something might work.

"Me can't connect to the Endernet!" Nobraynes whined picking up a cookie and chewing on it. Click-clack sighed heavily, he wished that Redstone could have suggested a better broadband than The Endernet.

"I'll call Customer service.." he sighed before walking out of the room and shutting the door. Click-clack picked up the phone and look in his phone book, he look through the letter 'E' section for their phone number.

"The Endstone repairs," he read through it, very annoyed how many 'The Ends' there are. "The End of the world solution, The Endermen's nook- Ahh! Finally!" he had found it, he pointed his bony finger on the number and begin dialing.

He waited for someone to pick up and finally someone did. But, it wasn't a person or at least a mob. It was one of those annoying robot operators.

"Thank you for calling The Endernet," said the operator in a high pitch tone "If you're liking our service, press one or, if you calling to tell us your hating our service please hang up, or, if you're calling to tell us that your having problem connecting, please press two now."

Click-clack rolled his eyes and press two.

"You had press two. One moment please!"

The sound of elevator music played at the other end of the song. Click-clack angrily growl quietly as he waited for the operator to come back on. Finally, she was back on.

"It seem that your lights are on, if you're still having problems to connect please say 'can't connect', or If you're an idiot and you forgot to turn it on, please say 'I'm a stupid skeleton that don't kno-"

"Can't Connect!" Click-clack interrupted the robot, this was getting to his nerves.

"You just said 'Can't connect'. If you want to speak to a real person, press one or-"

Click-clack angrily dial one.

"Fine!" said the robot angrily "DON'T let me finish, i hope you're happy now that i'm connecting you to someone else other than ME!"

Elevator music play again, Click-clack feels like throwing the phone out of the window. He have to wait for an hour for someone to finally answer.

"Thank you for choosing The Endernet," said a low grumpy male voice. "My name is Wrecker, how can i bloody help you?"

Click-clack blinked once and then sighed angrily.

"Hi, i'm uhh, having problems with my internet.. it won't connect to your service." Click-clack explained, trying not to sound rude. He could hear typing sounds from the other end of his phone.

"It seems your internet, 'The Endernet' is connected. Is it plug in?" he asked.

Click-clack frowned and shook his head.

"Hang on." he told the person on the phone.

He walk into his room where Nobraynes was still trying to get it working, making sure if the broadband had been connected in. He checked the plugs, wires and the lights.

He finally comes back to the phone.

"Yes, i just checked.." Click-clack said lowly.

More typing was heard again.

"I could get a social worker out in about...two months? And-"

Click-clack hanged up, not letting him finish. He walk into his bedroom to find Nobraynes hitting the screen with his fist.

"Nobraynes!" Click-clack said lowly "The Endernet is down for further notice today."

Nobraynes groan sadly and got off his chair, he went out of the room to play outside.

The End