ImpatiensGaster, also known by his former wikia nickname Wookie (Hapless/Foolish idiot) is a member of the small Willcraft fandom and a YouTuber-in-training.


The actual person behind the screen: Not much is known about Wookie's real identity besides the fact that he has a channel of his own, and that he has hinted several times that he is in fact religious, but most of his personality leaks into his self-insert Original Character, Impatiens Gaster.

Impatiens GasterEdit

Impatiens Gaster is a self-insert O.C. created by the user, who tends to use him as a "mask", in many ways. His personality has changed drastically since he first appeared on the wikia in mid-to-late 2015. Also, due to his issues with computers, he was forced to make different accounts twice.

First AppearanceEdit

His first appearance on the wikia was on a thread discussing a Willcraft Battles character, Medusabelle. His first comments consisted of making extremely bad jokes and complimenting on the other wikia members, (The ones he can recall being BlockEDragon, DragonRoar, Luna, and Craz.). Here, he acted extremely manic and "mysterious", trying to be a "crazy" character, but failed embarrassingly.

In his first account, his profile picture was a picture of pepperoni pizza, and his account name was simply "Impatiens". He also made a character trait of being infatuated with Medusabelle, which many of the wikia patrons (Mostly Will) did not approve of. Around the beginning of 2016, his computer had issues and he was forced to switch computers, and so, since he at the time did not understand how passwords work on Wikia, he made a new account.

Second AppearanceEdit

(Early 2016-Late Summer 2016.)

In his second appearance, he still had many of the character traits of the previous Impatiens account, but was slightly more sobered down. However, one annoying trait he still kept was his constant bickering with Sir Lawrence and former admin Spartian. His profile picture was for a while constantly changing, until he settled on a picture drawn for him on his 14th birthday by fellow wikia member Crazthegenericfangirl. Around late 2016, his computer had problems again, and he made his third and current account, ImpatiensGaster.

Current AppearanceEdit

In his third appearance, he had drastically changed, almost completely ditching the psychotic aspect (even though it did come back sometimes) and behaved in a far more sober and less manic way. Here, he began to show his real traits of being more of an overly polite and still sometimes angry fan who just wanted to have a good time. He began to make amends for his immature actions in the past, and is currently one of the most active members on the wikia today.

Personality and TraitsEdit

As first account: In his first appearance, Impatiens's character was self-described as a Minecraft avatar who was simply psychotic, but still capable of feeling emotion, and had a rather yandere-ish obsession with one of Willcraft's battle characters, Medusabelle, resulting in the infamous wikia joke-ship Medusapatiens. Personally, he described himself as a mercenary who kidnapped citizens and handed them over to a person who infected them with multiple forms of lycanthropy.

His physical appearance was described as a mutated Impatiens Walleriana, with a slender, animalistic build, along with a hideous pale pink face with a permanent grin with shark-like teeth, bulbous eyes, a flat, blood-red nose, and a sort of "flower center" on his chest that was the source of his power.

Second Account/Third Account (Current)Edit

During the Wookie/ImpGaster period of this member, Impatiens went through a major character overhaul. His personality changed from constantly psychotic to a more kind and timid mutant who, now instead of a Minecraft character, was a part of the Undertale universe, where he was created by W.D. Gaster as a half-brother to Sans and Papyrus. After Asriel destroyed the barrier, Impatiens escaped from the Underground and joined the Willcraftia Organization in hopes of an adventure. Here, his personality is a very shy, frightened character who still had a crush on Medusabelle, but it was less of an obsession and more of a friendly, "I-like-her" sort of relationship. He still retained his powers, even if he didn't use them as often. His appearance also drastically changed.

His new physical appearance was more of a chibi character than an animalistic freak of nature. In his current appearance, he is a tall yet slightly large mutated Impatiens Walleriana, instead of being abnormally skinny. His face was never really fully imagined, so the images range from being anime faces to a chibi-like Sans-styled head shape. He wears a purple sweater and black shorts, as well as shoes or sandals. On his sweater, he has a yellow seashell shape, which is never explained.


  • His actual name (the one of the real human being) has not been publicly shared on the wikia. However, back when his youtube name was his real name, he had a conversation with Kclar (Perfect Fish Productions), and revealed who he really was. However, she has since forgotten due to the event being more than a year ago, and apparently didn't tell the other members.
  • He is responsible for the creation of two joke ships (despite Medusapatiens): LunaCraft (Willcraft x Luna, which everybody hated), And Crazoo (Craz x a short-lived anthropomorphic kazoo)
  • He has a habit of replacing cuss words due to him being religious, which is mostly found in him replacing the "F" word with "Pollen", the best example being him yelling, "Well, pollinate me sideways!"

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