Kazoo Von Nooty Noot was a short-lived wikia character created by ImpatiensGaster and Crazthegenericfangirl during a wiki chat conversation.

Origins: The character Kazoo and the following joke-ship, Crazoo, was spontaneously created in a wikia chat conversation when Will accidentally said "sucking kazoos", and Craz repeated what he said in a seductive manner, as if implying she'd give a kazoo a blowjob.

Following many outrageous exclamations and much applause, Impatiens coined the shipname "Crazoo", and wrote a semi-erotic fanfiction, Musical Love, detailing a certain night when Kazoo visited Craz at the Willtress (Will's Fortress). As this fanfiction has been since lost forever, the best summary is simply that Kazoo visits Craz, and stays the night over, until Craz is frightened of something and she sleeps with Kazoo, heavily implying that after the events of the fanfic, they had sex. (Due to Impatiens being religious, he decided to simply heavily imply it rather than write it himself).

During a certain roleplay, also lost forever, Craz and Impatiens ended up torturing and eventually killing the Black Hazmat from a fanfiction known as Dark, which was also re-written by a different user as an "everyone dies" fanfic as Week 12. In said roleplay, Craz subtly flirts with Impatiens (after the latter killed the hazmat by ingesting a toxin which made him monstrous and has him chew through the Hazmat's neck), leading the latter to ask about Kazoo. She mentions that she plans on pleasuring him later that night, which becomes far darker in hindsight after the two return to Craz's dorm, and see Kazoo, who appears to have developed PTSD.

After a while following this fanfiction, Impatiens ended up asking Craz whether or not Kazoo was still alive.

She responded with this:

"Ah, Kazoo! Due to him seeing more than enough in the wikia, I'm having all memories of the place thoroughly wiped. Turns out, inter-species relationships between humans and kazoos is highly illegal. Therefore all the memories he has of me are being cleaned, too.

I'm really gonna miss the poor guy. I'm gonna miss his smooth plastic body, his beautiful singing voice, the shrill squawk he makes when I- I'm gonna spare your innocence and stop there.

Ah yes, that reminds me. I really need to cut my nails more often."

After this confirmation that Kazoo had been mind-wiped, Crazoo was officially terminated.

Within a week, Impatiens also confirmed that he had accidentally dropped a load of (possibly stolen) amethysts on poor Kazoo, much likely crushing the wandering instrument to death. He then followed the news up with a poem very much like the ones written by Prudence Pock in the Haunted Mansion.

"In true haunted mansion fashion:

Resting here is Lord Kazoo.

It was confirmed that he was now dead

In the accident, yes it's true,

Imp accidentaly dumped rocks on his head."


  • Due to Kazoo's death, and the fact that Craz flirted with Imp in the lost roleplay, the ship Crazpatiens could be a possibility, but it would be a shaky one.
  • (Impatiens also recalled that during a conversation, Craz had wondered if playing Kazoo during a music contest would mean giving him a blowjob. Impatiens denied that, saying that the side people blow through the kazoo (the large open "head") was in fact his head, and it would be Craz shoving Kazoo's temple into her mouth and lifting him into the air.
  • Kazoo's color was never confirmed, but was implied to be red or yellow