Kclar is a block-headed human being, She appeared in many places just as Deviantart, YouTube, Willcraft wikia and Ravineside Failicity.

She is a member of Team Willcraftia.


She has a bubbly personality and smiles all the time, she has autism and can able to break the forth wall.

She is also seen breaking the laws of physics and pretends to be stupid but is actually really smart.

She never gets drunk, swore or done anything bad or sexual.


She has long brown hair that is the same color of her eyes,

She wears a rainbow T-shirt, light purple pants and grey shoes. Her long hair can keep items and food in without breaking or rotting.

Alters of Kclar

Betrayed! Kclar

First appear in a RP with Aurora, Betrayed! Kclar dislikes her former friends (except Shuura),

She works for the Black hazmat and she's partnered with Spectre.

She thinks killing and torturing people is like a game of UNO and her personality is now a sadstic dark fiend.

She has a scar on her left cheek.


Bclar is the opposite of Kclar,

She has long blonde hair and never smiles what so ever. She extremely hated when people laugh or are happy,

She's good friends with Florence.


• Kclar never knew her parents as they died when she was a baby

• Her old account was Kclar228

• Although she never swears, she did swore in ACT.

• She's a fond of fruit and veg.