King Noob is "a planned character who will appear later in my videos (Much later. We're talking "when Endventures is over and a little more" later). He will be the leader of a group of noobs, probably a collection of gaming stereotypes and maybe also a few more or less subtle middle fingers to people I consider noobs, though despite the name he won't be a noob himself. Only an ordinary Minecraft player who has a bunch of noobs serving him as their king. And yes, that's basically like being the captain of a group of storm troopers. It might look cool, but as soon as things get serious your forces will be incredibly unimpressive." as quoted from Willcraft. Nothing else has been said about him.

Role in the Series Edit

None at the time;Unknown

Personality Edit

None at the time;Unknown

Abilities Edit

None at the time;Unknown

Trivia Edit

None at the time

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