aka Perfect fish Productions

  • I live in Moonsdale
  • I was born on October 25
  • My occupation is Animator/Youtuber
  • I am Girl
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  • I'm going to make a new account so I could be able to publish my fan made Dark AU that I got inspired from a RP with Aurora. But, some things will be changed from it..

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  • Honestly, I'm very passive to what happens on this Wikia. To me, this place is dead and forgotten until I'm back to YouTube, so until then I'm largely ignoring it. That's probably why I've been too lenient with your behaviour. Based on the rules of this place and really just common sense I should've banned you a while ago, but instead I kept dismissively giving you second chances. And yet somehow you kept breaking rules.

    So now I'm finally banning you. For a year, this time. You will be able to post on your own wall for maybe a week or so before that too becomes unavailable to you, but I'll cut that time short if I believe that to be the optimal course of action.

    And because I'm obligated to, I'll list my reasons for doing so even though I doubt any of them will have any impact on your brain.

    Firstly, you've been repeatedly removing admin messages from your wall despite being told it's against the rules. Secondly, you've been posting stuff unrelated to the Wikia largely for self-promotion. And thirdly, most importantly, you've been harassing people on the Wikia and not even taken responsibility for it, nor stopped when told to do so.

    Again, this really has been a long time coming and I'm an irresponsible admin for only doing this now, and I can't really remember my reasons for taking so long. Guess part of it was that there are so few regulars here already. Of course, that makes it all the more important to get rid of the regulars that are shitting on the others. So bye.

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    • ehh.. i think you made a mistake about 'harassing' people. I haven't harass anyone all i did was apoglize to Luna..

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    • a year is a little harsh William? Maybe just a month??

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  • For getting me back into Vocaloid music and featuring me in your recent animation. I really appreciate it!

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  • You haven't really done anything for a while....are you okay?

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  • =D . . . .

    I have NOTHING to say XD

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  • I'm gonna stop making fake accounts so i could see what Bluepuppy is doing.

    She talk about bad stuff about me.. So, instead, i'm gonna hang out with all of you guys because you guys are really nice friends!

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  • Go easy on the messages will you?
    Wiki Activity basically only shows your messages currently.
    Thanks for understanding,

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  • I would like to talk about my autism, Autism isn't a illness that you can catch like the common cold. It's what your born with, out of one of 68 kids and teens can be born with Autism. As you can see, i'm one of the kids.

    My parents didn't know i had it until i started talking too fast, they took me to a doctor who disginose me with 'Autism'. There are three types of autism:

    . Autistic Disorder (also called "classic" autism)

    This is what most people think of when hearing the word "autism."  People with autistic disorder usually have significant language delays, social and communication challenges, and unusual behaviors and interests. Many people with autistic disorder also have intellectual disability.

    . Asperger Syndrome

    People with Asperger syndrome usually have some milder symptoms of autistic disorder.  They might have social challenges and unusual behaviors and interests.  However, they typically do not have problems with language or intellectual disability.

    and lastly

    Pervasive Developmental Disorder ‚Äď Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS; also called "atypical autism")

    People who meet some of the criteria for autistic disorder or Asperger syndrome, but not all, may be diagnosed with PDD-NOS. People with PDD-NOS usually have fewer and milder symptoms than those with autistic disorder.  The symptoms might cause only social and communication challenges.

    I have mild autism, i would repeat things like asking if the fanart/collabs are done or saying the same thing like 'it's a pile of balls'.

    But my autism doesn't make me a freak.. i'm a normal human being like everyone else!

    Some-times at my special school, teachers and adults will speak slow to me when i could understand quick speech.

    When i was a baby, dad use to tell this funny story about how i got my shoulder and head out instead of just my head.. so the doctors have to push me back in until i get my head out.

    I didn't cry until i was put on the scales, i started crying because i guess it was too cold.

    At my old school, my principal was really MEAN to me, he didn't know how to handle people with autism, his appoach was yelling, making me write out the lines, denetion and supsendtion. I get bullied at that school a LOT!

    Kids with Autism sometimes look at the world difftrently, i would stop walking to admire the view or something i found intresting. When we had no car, i would stop and show dad something like Butterflies.. 

    Kids with autism doesn't mean their stupid, mum says their actually more smarter than an average human which is kinda questioning me right this moment..

    Luna's cousin has autism, i forgot what she told me and Blue about autism... but that's during chat.

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  • And have a happy New year everybody! It seems that it was a great Christmas for me and my family, i got lots of lovely presents including:

    . A diary of a wimpy kid book: Double down 

    . A Deluxe Pokemon book (Has every Pokemon except Alola region pokemon :c)

    . A USB (I saved my stuff on there so no more losing everything XD)

    . Some plush toys (A Plushie Rainbow dash, a Togepi and Gingerbread)

    . A pair of dragonfly ear-rings (We were at the jewelry store yesterday buying my sister a gift, which were heart ear-rings and i guess dad saw how intrested i liked the dragonflies so he got me them for Christmas as a gift XD)

    . Some new earphones (My brother got headphones, and i begged mum the past months to buy some because our old ones broke)

    . Some new clothes (Including a shirt that says 'Foodie' which i picked out, my dad didn't appove of the shirt but he let me get it anyways)

    . Some hair-dye and other things you use for hyheie (._. i don't know how to spell that word ... X'D)

    . More clothes from Nan and Pop

    . A gift card from my aunty and uncle ($30 on that one, my older sister got one too!)

    I think that's all, but i hope you guys have a happy Christmas and a Merry new year...or was a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year? - Kclar

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      • scratches head

      Huh, I got two Harry Potter shirts, a jacket, a Fantastic Beasts screenplay, Pokemon Moon, and 50 bucks to spend. (which equals Bravely Second along with any other steam games)

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    • Oh goodness. New headphones, a $20 gift card (apple), a watch and also I got part of my sanity returned to me.

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  • I'll be giving u each a Christmas-fied profile pic, Here's your Impatiens.¬†

    Marry Christmas :)
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