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Acrobatics is the 8th episode of Monster School. The students must use their acrobatic skills to pass three different courses.

Plot Edit

The students are put through three training courses to test their acrobatics skills: A running course, a jumping course, and a climbing course. These all take place in the classroom, as the students are shrunk down and placed on miniature obstacle courses.

Grades Edit

Results from annotation added after the video to end complaints about the results.

Student Grade Description
Creep C Passed, passed, passed
Endie E Failed, failed, cheated
Ghist D passed, failed, passed
Mucus A Passed, passed, passed
Skellington D Failed, failed, passed
Spider C Passed, passed, passed
Zombee E Passed, failed, failed
Zombieswine D Passed, failed, failed
Cavell D Passed, failed, passed
Maggie E Passed, failed, passed
Blaise E Passed, failed, cheated
Multus D Passed, failed, cheated
Silvester A Passed, passed, passed
Witton F Failed, failed, failed
Zupay B Passed, passed, passed

Trivia Edit

  • First the video lacked results but then Willcraft added them in an annotation.
  • This is the second episode of Monster School featuring the new students.
  • This is the first episode to not feature results contained in the actual animation.

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