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Combat #2 is the 9th episode of Monster School. The students must test their combat skills against each other to see who's the strongest.

Plot: Edit

The students are eating lunch in the school cafeteria before a bell rings that signals the start of class.

The students are then put into the same stone arena seen in the first Combat episode to test their combat skills against each other to see who is the strongest out of them all.

Grades: Edit

Student Grade Description
Creep F Loses to Silvester who tricks him into self-destructing
Endie A Defeats Witton and Multus in berserk form
Ghist E Defeats Blaise with superior fireball and loses to Zupay who deflects her fireball
Mucus C Defeats Zombee by tripping him onto his pickaxe, ties with Maggie in devouring the other, loses to Multus who splits the two apart and throws them away
Skellington D Defeats Cavell by chopping him up with a knife, loses to Silvester who tricks him into killing himself with his knife
Spider E Loses to Maggie who devours his web defenses and him afterwards
Zombee E Loses to Mucus who trips him onto his own pickaxe
Zombieswine F Loses to Zupay who steals his hammer and flattens him with it
Cavell F Loses to Skellington who chops him up
Maggie B Defeats Spider by devouring him, ties with Mucus in devouring the other, loses to Multus who splits the two apart and throws them away
Blaise E Loses to Ghist who has a more powerful fireball
Multus D Defeats Mucus and Maggie by splitting them apart and throwing them away, defeats Silvester by scaring him away, loses to Zupay who uses his own projectiles against him, loses to Endie who swipes his heads off
Silvester C Defeats Creep by tricking him into self-destructing, defeats Skellington by tricking him into killing himself, loses to Multus who scares him away
Witton F Loses to Endie who overpowers him in his berserk form
Zupay A Defeats Zombieswine by using his own hammer against him, defeats Multus by using his own projectiles against him

Trivia: Edit

  • Combat #2 is the first Monster School episode to feature the newly-created Monster School Intro

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