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Season Monster School, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date December 11, 2012
Written by Willcraft Animations
Directed by Willcraft Animations
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N/A Monster School - Cooking

Crafting is the 1st episode of Monster School. The students must craft items using the materials they are given.


The students are in the classroom, using crafting tables and any materials given to them or around them to craft items.


Student Grade Description
Creep D Given an oak wood block, crafts a wooden pickaxe
Endie C Given iron ingots, accidentally makes an iron golem
Ghist E Makes a fire charge, puts it in Zombee's head
Mucus A Builds a dispenser
Skellington E Given blaze powder, makes an Eye of Ender using Endie's pearl
Spider E Given a stick, makes a fishing rock
Zombee F Given a pumpkin, tosses it onto Endie's iron blocks
Zombieswine F Takes Creep's wood, splats Mucus onto a wooden plank


  • This is the first episode of Monster School.
  • Even though Skellington and Endie recovered from their injuries at the end of class, Zombee remained decapitated, with the fire charge still in his head.