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Meet the New Students is an episode of Monster School where the new students were introduced.


The students are eating lunch in the cafeteria. The new students then arrive with Multus breaking down a door and they converse with the original students, introduced through brief descriptions of text.


Student Grade Description
Creep - Eating gunpowder
Endie - Eating a sandwich
Ghist - Eating a villager head
Mucus - Not eating anything
Skellington - Eating baked potatoes
Spider - Eating a cobweb
Zombee - Eating a brain
Zombieswine - Chewing on a bone

New Students

Student Grade Description
Maggie - A magma cube that loves to eat
Blaise - A blaze that is easily angered
Multus - A wither with three different personalities
Silvester - A cowardly silverfish
Witton - A dumb wither skeleton that loves fighting
Zupay - A baby zombie villager who is the true definition of evil