Meet the Students is an episode presenting the students and their abilities, attitudes, and their relations to each other, and this page also includes information about the series' 1st group of students. And it was composed by 8 students.


Student Grade Description
Creep - Lazy and relies on others to do the work for him
Endie - Artistic and likes to help others excluding Zombieswine
Ghist - Lonely and likes to collect heads, likes withers
Mucus - Tries his best and gets the best grades, French
Skellington - Good friend and likes cooking and can't handle a bow
Spider - Likes to show off cool tricks whenever he can
Zombee - Wants to be smart but is dumb because he doesn't have a brain
Zombieswine - Lazy bully who bosses around his fellow classmates


  • Creep and Spider are the only 1st 2 students who haven't gotten an A so far.
  • Although Mucus is the best student, Endie got more A-s than him (Endie has 4 A-s, Mucus has 2 A-s)