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Scaring is the 10th episode of the Monster School series. The students must try their best to terrify a human.


The students are brought to a dark room separate from the classroom, with a glass wall separating them from a place made to look like a human's home, with a human created by Herobrine to serve as a dummy. The Bus Driver watches as the students try to scare the human, the amount of terror the human experiences showed on a scare-o-meter.


Student Grade Description
Creep B Slowly began to self-destruct on top of the human
Endie A Took his time tormenting the human in his berserk form
Ghist D Shrieked in front of the human
Mucus F Tried to scare the human with a failed test
Skellington C Stuffed the human into an oven
Spider C Wrapped the human in webs and watched him from above
Zombee E Smacked away by the human
Zombieswine F Oinked next to the human, and was beat up
Cavell F Smacked away by the human
Maggie C Slowly ate the human alive
Blaise E Lit the human on fire
Multus B Scared the human with his size and nature
Silvester F Ran away from the human
Witton F Killed the human instead of scaring him
Zupay A Hypnotized and tormented the human


  • This is actually the first Monster School episode to feature the Bus Driver.
  • The Scare O' Meter is similar to the one from the Pixar film: Monsters Inc. (presumed as a coincidence)