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The Monster School building is the main place in the Monster School series. It is where the students are assigned and often do a lesson.

Main ClassroomEdit


A replication of the classroom in Minecraft P.E

The Main Classroom consist of 15 desks (excluding Herobrine's). The students' desks are Birch planks that can be converted into other blocks (as seen in the crafting episode). Herobrine's desk consists of 2 wooden planks instead of one. Behind it, there is a blackboard made out of obsidian. The classroom's dimensions are 11*11*4 blocks.

Monster School - Episode 2

The cooking room in the cooking episode. Zombee is asked to cook.

Cooking RoomEdit

The Cooking Room was used in Monster School in the Cooking Episode. It consists of a small counter used for preparing ingredients, a cauldron acts as a sink, and a furnace works much like an oven.


The Lounge is a room with chairs and tables. This is where students eat and relax. This room was shown at the beginning of Monster School - Combat 2.

Battle Room Edit

The Battle Room is a small round cavern that is well lit up. The floor is unusually flat and has a miniature arena on it. The arena has a stone brick floor which is unusually strong, as it is able to be withstand several explosions from Ghist and Creep. There is a fence around it that prevents the students from escaping. The fence is strong and will not catch on fire. The entrance appears to be a cave that connects it to the surface or the rest of the school. In front of the arena is a chest, which has unusually large space in it, being able to hold a golden war hammer that is twice the size of Zombieswine.


The Cafeteria, as seen in Meet the New Students, is a room, similar to the classrooms. It has a long table where the students eat at.

Mystery RoomEdit

The Mystery Room was seen on Monster School - Combat 2. Zupay was seen killing a chicken as the bell rang. The room is mostly composed of cobblestone blocks and stone bricks and the room is lit with a pair of torches.


The Mystery room

Party RoomEdit

The Party Room was seen in the 100 subscribers video. The room has Diamond and Gold blocks for the floor, stone for walls, redstone torches for lighting, and a table for cakes.

Simulation roomEdit

The Simulation Room was utilized in the episode Monster School - Scaring. The room is separated into two by a glass wall. On the other side is made of bedrock, where Herobrine looks at the student's performance and the other students wait for their turn, while the student who is evaluated achieves their performance on the opposite side of the wall. There, the environment changes to meet the needs of the lesson.

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