Insert quotes here! This page is to compile quotes from Willcraft's animations.

Colin Edit

"Gotta go. Porkey's hungry." - Colin

Porkey Edit

"Bored." - Porkey

"I want to consume inanimate lifeforms." - Porkey

Red Edit

"This is probably a dumb question, but don't you know that its main purpose in life is to kill people like you?" - Red

Shadow Edit

"I sense an antagonistic presence..." - Shadow

Endermaster Edit

"Endreai, you're fired!" - The Endermaster

"Anyone...else?" - The Endermaster

"Remember, Endreai... this is your last chance." - The Endermaster

Nobraynes Edit

"Mmm... Watre!" - Nobraynes

"Click-Clack says him being fan of hitting shit!" - Nobraynes

"Boom went boom..." - Nobraynes

"Mr Door? Please open. Please? Pretty please?"-Nobraynes

Click-Clack Edit

"We left him for so long in the water that he mutated!" - Click-Clack

"Why did you run away from the iron bloke, you big moron?" - Click-Clack

"I ain't no expert on cities, but isn't this place a little too small?" - Click-Clack

"How 'bout skeletons with hats?" - Click-Clack

"How 'bout saying that with an arrow in your mouth?" - Click-Clack

Boom Edit

"Be glad that nothing happenss. Then I would have to blow up, because you serioussly ssuck at fighting." - Boom

Endreai Edit

"Oh. We were all willing to die for her...or kill...both." - Endreai

"Sir? I like this guy!" - Endreai

"I'm afraid both the ships were destroyed and the humans got away. Please forgive me." - Endreai

Wrecker Edit

Rebel Leader "Gareth" Edit

"I ran away from you once. I will NOT repeat that mistake!" - Rebel Leader

"You're insane..." - Rebel Leader

Medusabelle Edit

"Mr. Cuddlyface, can you get me the red mushroom? - Medusabelle

"Gravity is so lame, don't you agree?" - Medusabelle

"Having second thoughts on putting up a fight with the best and prettiest witch ever?" - Medusabelle

"Witch hunters? Oh, I love witch hunters! Just a second!" - Medusabelle

"I don't want my hair to be messy while killing people, now would I?" - Medusabelle

"This battle needs a little FIRE!" -Medusabelle

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