Red Stone
Red Stone's skin
Series Endventures
Appearance Has a Pale skin and light blue eyes, which are obscured by his goggles.
Role Protagonist
Personality Friendly and Quite clever. He is quickly scared, but has moments of bravery.

Red Stone is the tritagonist of Endventures. He is a cowardly inventor that helps the group because the endermen destroyed his home. He is voiced by LilCrackling.


Though not much is known about his past, Red lived in "The Main City", which the Rebel Leader lived in too, and became an inventor. At some point, the city was invaded by the Endermen, he was one of the few survivors and fleed. After the invasion of the main city, he met Colin and became friends but they also flee as the Endermen destroyed Colin's house.

Role in the Series

Red used to live in the main city, and after it was destroyed he was one of the few survivors. He met Colin, and since then he has been a part of the group. His main role is to build things, but he also does some use in other ways.


Redstone (Without Goggles)

He has quite pale skin, light blue eyes, brown hair, goggles , brown pants and jacket, a white singlet and black shoes.


Red is cowardly, but sometimes he gets a little brave. An example is when he trapped a zombie inside a chest instead of fleeing. He is also clever and friendly, and a little clumsy. He criticizes other people's inventions, claiming that a cannon built by the endermen wouldn't work (Then he got shocked when it did).


He can craft things that aren't in Minecraft, such as a redstone powered sword used for zapping enemies. He's not the most useful as a warrior, but he's not helpless in combat.

Also, in Episode 10, while talking to the rebel leader, he thought of a machine and put it on a sheet to show him. The leader asked if it's possible, and Red said with enough cobble, iron, and redstone, it is. Luckily, the city has tons of that, and the leader said if he needs help, he can ask anybody.


  • He references the Ugocraft crafting interface.
  • Even though he is an inventor, he has only made three inventions so far. But, the robot in the start of Episode 11 is very inventive and creative.
  • His name and last name is obviously named after the Minecraft item "Redstone".
  • Red was originally going to be Colin's brother but it was changed.
Red Image

Red holding a carrot in Episode 8.