The Ravenside Facility is the setting of the ongoing fanfiction-turned-comic Dark, where the wikia group is taken to a scientific facility and experimented on.


The Facility makes its first and most notable appearance in the fanwork Dark by TheAuroraWolf.

It appeared in the now-lost reimagining of the fanwork by Kclar, which was titled, Week 12.


*The facility's logo consists of a blocky structure with a single smokestack, along with a door marked with a massive red X. The smoke from the smokestack has red particles in it, which symbolizes blood or fire, which foreshadows the true nature of the facility.

*The 'leader' who appears to run the facility is a 'human' male who wears a black rubber hazardous materials suit, as opposed to the average yellow. In one of Kclar's fanfictions, he hints that he is not the true head of the facility, and that he has a superior.

*The motivations of the facility are currently unclear. They do perform experiments on the prisoners, but the reasoning behind this is unclear.