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As fans, we all love to make up stories, and there are some theories revolving around the Willcraft universe, it's sort of a part of the fan-girl/boy culture. So, that is being said, here is a page where you can share your theories and thoughts!

Some Stuff you should know before-handEdit

1. Please keep everything to cannon. So, no fan-made characters. (sorry!)

2. Deleting others work is strictly prohibited. If you are caught doing so, you will be reported to the owner of the Wiki and will most possibly get banned.

3. This page is a WIP (work in progress), so lending a hand is always a good idea.



  • The Endermaster actually drained Endreai's being with the Ender crystal, turning him half Enderman. This is why Endreai is so dumb and doesn't seem to be good at anything.
  • The Endermaster's weakness is the ender crystal that transformed him in the first place. If it is destroyed, the Endermaster would be significantly weakened.
  • There's a theory where Nobraynes could be working for the Endermaster. When Boom blew up, it could show that Nobraynes haven't been harmed by the triplets or not, and it seems that Click-clack was hit by an Endblade except himself in Episode 12.

Monster SchoolEdit

  • Many people ask why Creep re-builds himself when he explodes. It's possible that he eats gunpowder thus he can re-build himself.





  • There will be another half enderman human rebel, but unlike Shadow, the Endermaster wants him dead.
  • Nobraynes will save the day.
  • Willcraft might be adding not one, but three rebel Endermen.
  • Nobraynes probably secretly works for the Endermaster.

Monster SchoolEdit

  • The following mobs that will join the class:
    • Guardian
    • Elder Guardian
    • Endermite
    • The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog


  • Endreai will be reborn and join the rebels.
  • In the long distant Battle Series, Willcraft has mentioned that Medusabelle might get a love interest.


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