• From a wikia contributor: Okay. I have a problem. Everybody else has this problem. Basically, there's lots of Monster School animations that aren't created by Willcraft which are mostly cringy and sexual as heck. I'm glad I've seen none of these fan animations. If you've seen these kinds of fan animations, Willcraft...I know how you feel.

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    • I'll let him know you said this.
      But we can't do much about it.
      The only reason they are popular is because of the audience, if those animations is what they want to see well.... We can't stop them from getting lots of views and growing popular.

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    • Original thread poster:

      I think I might try to do a decent Monster School animation that's secretly meant to mock the cringy and sexual ones.

      I'll use TheGodofTrouble's idea but change it slightly so that the idea is in my decent Monster School tribute it's a beta version of Minecraft where hostile mobs were added which makes the monsters newbies and the humans are killing the monsters for the sake of their survival so Herobrine opens a school to help those monsters.

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    • Euhh... ok?
      I don't quite understand what you're trying to say here.

      Also, how about making an account on this place?
      You seem to switch IP a lot, so I can never be sure if I'm talking to the same person.

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    • I did :)

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    • Anyways close this thread

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    • A FANDOM user
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