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    21:56, April 13, 2017

    Remember my first completed MAP on YouTube? Butterfly core? It had hit 450 views. That's like almost 500!!!

    To celebrate I would like to share how I came up with his origin. I KNOW I don't own the lovable zombie so this is only MY au and it's NOT anywhere familiar to the true Endventures series.. Well here we go.

    The story was actually inspired by the sad My Little Pony fan fiction Bubbles. You know.. The story about how Derpy Hooves was abandoned by her mother as a filly. You should probably read it.

    But in my AU. Nobraynes mum DOES still abandoned him but is because his dad planned to try and kill Nobraynes again. Reist playing around in a field of butterflies his mother left him all alone.

    Nobraynes' dad suffers from a mental illness know as Depression, when his wife given birth to a young 'disabled' little boy, his dad imediltaly grew to hate his own son.

    He tried to poison his son but that just made him sick all day until his mother came home yelling at her husband before rushing Nobraynes to a doctor to get better. Boom, being Nobraynes' only carer (until they met Click-Clack of course) took Nobraynes in when he found him locked up in a cage in the lab. Boom even went on a quest to find Nobraynes' parents while the Crazy witch look after the baby zombie.

    But sadly, after asking every zombie and mob in the area, he had no luck. Fellow mobs try their best to find them but just like Boom, they had no luck as well.

    Welp. That's all I have got to tell. If you got any questions about my AU. Please do ask!

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