• Kclar228
    Kclar228 removed this thread because:
    I just ask a question, that's all :(
    00:13, May 28, 2017

    Are you still continuing Endventures?

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    • Pretty sure he isn't, but I have a question - is he like gonna make a short blog or video or something on how the rest of the series would have gone? The people who actually care would know

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    • Actually, he's planning on continuing and finishing Endventures ONLY. Nothing other than Endventures is happening anymore. 

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    • I've been contemplating answering at all for about three days now.
      Since I honestly didn't want to interact with you ever again if I could avoid doing so.

      But this just baffles me. This question has been asked and answered so MANY times.
      Even recently on the streams Will has gotten and answered this question already. I find it amazing how Impatiens and HyperStanners found the patience to respond to you so calmly, I'm honestly quite proud of them.

      I mean how can you be so dense and disrespectful to a person? Its just that, there is a limit to what a person can do before they cross the line no matter what is up with them. You're just so selfish in every little thing you do you're one of the few people I absolutely loathe.
      Your behaviour disgusts me and dare I say the fact you still think you can mozy on down here only to either promote yourself or get your fucking attention fix sickens me.

      What sickens me more is that I wasted my time on you in the past. And even when I finally think its over, you still somehow manage to spread your toxicity like some poisonous weed that keeps cropping up.

      I'm not going to abuse my power as an Admin. I refuse to stoop that low.
      Just be warned I'm not kind to the people that harm those I care about.

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    • Isn't it sad how a person who used to be such a dear friend can become despised seemingly overnight? Makes you wonder who's going to go next....

      Sorry if this makes anyone depressed, I just like acting in odd manners. 

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    • I wouldn't say it happened overnight to be honest, maybe to those who haven't seen the full extend of things.
      But this was something growing and long coming.

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    • For me, it caught me by surprise, and I was genuinely scared. I thought that this little community was just going to collapse like a poorly built house. 

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    • I don't think i want to talk to you or be your friend anymore Luna..... geez. i said i was sorry didn't I? I stopped didn't i?

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