• Hi dude!

    I need to know a  thing: I want to start a serie like MOnster school, but with humans instead of mobs. I was wondering if I could use your Lady Jenny (or just Janny) for my videos. Otherwise Willcraft is not supposed to use our ideas in his videos.

    So, I need to know IF I have your permission to use Lady Jenny, if yes, what skin I should use and what behaviour should have, even if it is kinda obvious.


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    • Hey !

      Of couse you can. ^^ I make her just for the fun, a training to make characters. If she can be useful, so better it is !

      You can modifie her as you want, I don't care. This way, she would be a little you own too (I don't thinck I correctly wrote this sentence. I mean, this would also be your character). But, if you want my opinion : I imagined her very determined, hardly frightened and also kind when she's happy. But she can also be possessive, and always do her best. She is very susceptible, but when somebody really hurt her or insult her, she can be very dangerous, because she know how to fight, and she has repartee, and a little ironic humor.

      I thinck, if you choose to use her, that I maybe should remove her from the Idea's page ?

      I hope you'll have fun with your animations !

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    • Thanks! I think I'll use the behaviour that you wrote here: it iswhat I am looking for :)

      Anyway, ifyou could make askin for her, because I don't know how to draw her, and you are her owner, I think is better for you to make it and no, you shouldn't remove her. Is always your idea ;)

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    • Ok, I'll try to make a skin for her. But I warn you : I'm sometimes really weird, so the skin that I imagined could be a little strange. ^^

      EDIT - Ok, I really suck at making skins.

      I can't do that I want to do, and that make me a little angry. So, instead of show you a jerk that isn't at all that I wanted to do, I'll just tell you what I have in mind : Lady Jenny, for me, has very dark and black hair, which are longs (exeed the shoulders). The tips of her hair are in a different color : white or purple, as you prefer. Her skin is brighter than the normal (I mean, not as a vampire, but not as a normal human). I have some ideas for the eyes (But in all case, I represent her with a "surnatural" gaze) : very light blue as the sky, strange blue with hints of purple, or purple and violet pupils. She'll wear comfortable clothes, a battle dress (I mean outfit, not a frock) suitable for daily. She likes dark clothes, because she can "blend into the shadows" (French expression, I don't know the english equivalent. It mean that she can camouflage oneself in the dark). I also thinck about make her carry a weapon, like a sword and scabbard, or hung a dagger in his back with a harness. But I was not sure.

      As I said, you can do all that you want with this : use, modifie or completely change.

      Also, maybe you want I describe more her temperament than in her description ? Or you prefer to make your own opinion ?

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    • Well, actually I've made a skin for her, as you saidd, she has long black hairs and purple pupils. I am going to send you an image.

      So? How does her look?


      Actually, the guy near to her is me.

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    • That's good ! But I imagine her gaze more bright. And... I can't stand stripes. ^^

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      Skin de ma fille

      I asked a friend to do my skin, and here it is. I like medieval clothing, so don't be surprise. Do what you want with this, but I don't know if you can do a skin like that ine Mine-ator (If you use this). Does is this good for you ?
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    • Well, is good, but If I should ay it all is misses the proper.....femeninity. Maybe is because of her dress, or because of the big eyes.

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    • So, modifie her as you want ! I said it, you can do all that you want. Just, please... No stripes. X')

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    • okay, no stripes ;)

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