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    50 years of burning has made fire into what it is today. For just as long, darkness has been dark. If these two would collide one of them would go away, and even though one is still left it would be better than a stack of cookies. If this fails, our only hope is useless potions and half pigeons.

    50 years of burning has made fire into what it is today.

    It may mean something related to The Nether and Decay. Those two is related to fire, and these may be what it is.

    For just as long, darkness has been dark.

    Darkness may meen the moon, and dark may mean The End, Endermaster and Endaria. 

    If these two would collide...

    It means, if the two masters clash with each other, a big fight will hapen, and it may result in two things... of them will go a…

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  • Baddy2004

    So I've been thinking that Boom will not respawn but most of you want, so I do not know your reasons. Reply your reasons below.

    P.S. I actually accidentally mispelled readons in reasons.

    Me: No, beacuse its part of a creeper. They suicide for help.

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  • Baddy2004

    My Top 10 Characters

    March 31, 2014 by Baddy2004

    Hello guys! I am inspired by 00001 guy to do this, and please be happy to let me share my top 10 with you.

    And now...

    #10 - Nobaraynes

    Other than his funny actions, Nobaraynes did do 1 thing good : Detect the endermen's ship. However He thought that it is a friendly ship. Other than that there are no more heroic moments. He also spoke Spanish once which is Por Favor which is Thank You in English, which that puts him in the list.

    #9 - Zupay

    Bad, but has funny moments in pranks. One example is when he trapped a user in a 1 block chest, and stole Spider's diamond and knocked him into the lava.

    #8 - Dr. Creepy

    He is my style, but he is sly and very inventive. When it comes to battle inventions, he always makes the top gear battle robots. Remember his b…

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