Hello guys! I am inspired by 00001 guy to do this, and please be happy to let me share my top 10 with you.

And now...

#10 - Nobaraynes

Other than his funny actions, Nobaraynes did do 1 thing good : Detect the endermen's ship. However He thought that it is a friendly ship. Other than that there are no more heroic moments. He also spoke Spanish once which is Por Favor which is Thank You in English, which that puts him in the list.

#9 - Zupay

Bad, but has funny moments in pranks. One example is when he trapped a user in a 1 block chest, and stole Spider's diamond and knocked him into the lava.

#8 - Dr. Creepy

He is my style, but he is sly and very inventive. When it comes to battle inventions, he always makes the top gear battle robots. Remember his battle against Zestfulmoon? That shown his battle skills.

#7 - Endermaster

Was very sneaky and strict to the Endermen and heroes, but when it comes to Human Corpses, he demands to get all humans dead.

#6 - Endie

Wow. He came in 6th place. He however has good and funny skills, but the reason for being dropped to 6th place is he laughed at Creep in the mining lesson that may tell tease. Overall, Endie is an awesome character with A++ skills.

#5 - Medusabelle

She is a great character however still not being put into any vids. Will post more in the day Wilcraft posts a battle with Medusabelle.

#4 - Creep

Steals usually Blaise's oblects to get an easy A. He however is funny and that's it.

#3 - Endaria

She is the character everyone cares about and that is why he became 3rd place. She also is an awesome character, but being in her human form is 1/100th of both her health and damage.

#2 - Läskig

Erm. He is super scary but his tower is a real toughness to build.

And time for epic recaps.

10. Nobaraynes

9. Zupay

8. Creepy

7. Endermaster

6. Endie

5. Medusabelle

4. Creep

3. Endaria

2. Läskig

And for #1...


He is an awesome but hard to beat guy. Better not mess up with this creepypasta!

Ok. Goodbye, go die.

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