aka Craz

  • I live in Ireland
  • I was born on July 2
  • My occupation is listening to music, drawing, overthinking everything, ect.
  • I am female
  • CrazTheGenericFangirl

    How do certain characters act? What should you and should not do? Why does a particular thing act that way? All very lovely questions. Lovely questions that could potentially rip that fanfic your considering writing down in two.    So, in order to avoid your dreams being crushed by canon, do some research! Ask your self questions about canon and don't be afraid to take out any unnessesary details in your story. Things like filler, lifeless plots and terrible romances that serve nothing more than to quench the viever's thirst of seeing the paired couple.

    Espicially if your a new writer wanting to start writing. Sure, you worked hard on that fighting scene and that brilliant main character, but still, there are going to be things that you mig…

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  • CrazTheGenericFangirl

    I was doing some research upon Mental Disorders for ideas for a character, and I realised something about Endaria...that being that she might have Shizoid Personality Disorder. It may be just an insanely lucky coincedence, but I think it may be a pretty solid theory.

    For those of you who do not know what the disorder is, it's basically when a person is very distant towards their family members, shows difficulty expressing emotion and fits in with the basic "loner" stereotype. So, that being said, let us progress with my theory.

    When we first meet Endaria in episode nine, we see her acting in a very flat and mysterious manner. Sticking to short sentances, and acting very suspicious around her father, sometimes not even looking at him while he…

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