• I live in Italy
  • My occupation is Mod Modeller
  • I am Male
  • DarkTRex

    Hello there, DarkTRex here.

    As the name of this blog tells, I'll be posting some Mine-imator images from time to time.

    Most of them are made just for fun and for practice, just sayin'.

    Coraline, the Sea Princess

    It all started with me making tests with parenting various body parts to create an unique creature, and then I told myself: "Why not, let's make it a character!" and so this character was born ^^

    I tried to make something like a Sea Monster to use as a mount, but I think I failed badly at this xD

    Also, you should see some horizontal lines at the bottom of the image: If someone knows what could cause it, please tell me. It would help me alot.

    P.S. The girl is wielding a Diamond Spear from the Balkon's weapon mod (just sayin').

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