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    Now, let's move on to the fourth game. 

    This game is quite different from the others. But is it so in a good way? Let's take a look. The first change you'll notice is that you can finally move freely! If by 'freely', you mean 'faceplant your way in fixed directions'. 


    Is it so very hard to make a character move freely like so many other games?

    I will admit that the way Scott handled this mechanic was questionable, but it seems odd to compare it to 'so many other games'. I don't know why. I also don't know if while Will was making this video, he was also working on his game projects, but let's assume he wasn't. If so, he doesn't understand how to properly integrate functions such as free movement, and integrating fixed animations and…

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    Once again, I'm going to make this disclaimer; Everything Will says is in normal text, and the rebuttal is in italicsl. 

    • Will begins reviewing the second game*

    This game is pretty much the same, but with some differences. 

    This is a nitpick, but that's the laziest thing I've heard in a while. Any sequel to a game that relies more on gameplay than story can be described as "The same, but with some differences". 

    Firstly, there's a few more animatronics. This doesn't really do anything to improve the game. 

    Bzzzt, incorrect. It adds more variety in enemy design, they have a role in the (admittedly insane) plot, and once again, each of them has a specific pattern to what they do. 

    Another change is that you now have an animatronic head that you put…

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    Everything Will says will be in normal text. The rebuttal will be in italics. 

    In case you recently emerged from a bunker in the desert, and you don't know what FNAF is, let me give some quick context: It's a franchise of horror games that has gotten absurdly popular. They have also gotten a huge amount of hate for various reasons, mainly for being terrible games, and because of the toxic fanbase. Even many people who like the games admit the fanbase is horrible. After the success of the original game, sequel after sequel has been made, faster than the Call of Duty series. The fourth one was going to be the 'final chapter'; Something I didn't believe for a moment. And guess what was announced a few weeks ago! 

    • Image of FNAF World appears on …

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    January 18, 2017 by ImpatiensGaster

    The eyelids of the teenager seemed to be suddenly and without warning dragged open. In his blurred vision, he could see two slender, shadowy people lifting him off of a flat, spongy surface and painfully carrying him over to something that looked uncomfortable, like a metal stretcher. 

    As he was laid down, it became clear to him that it was a flat metal table, as the shadowy figures at his sides shackled him down and hesitated after doing so, as if they expected him to put up a fight. However, he was far too tired to really see or fight back against whatever was happening to him, as if he was drugged beforehand. 

    As his vision cleared, he could begin to see that he was in a dimly lit, freezing metal chamber, and two his sides were two silent…

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    Okay, this blog is a rewrite of a record of a one-hour roleplay chat me and Kclar had. The plot of this roleplay chapter is that Kclar has captured the Black Hazmat from Dark, and Impatiens has joined her to help the Black Hazmat suffer even more with his manic ramblings. After this chat finished, the story continued with Imp, Craz and Luna (as well as a cameo by Kazoo von Nooty Noot). Unfortunately, this second iteration was not recorded by copy/paste, so it was lost forever. Here is the original roleplay, formatted so everything is in order.

    *The roleplay begins with Kclar establishing the premise, with Impatiens jokingly referring to an unseen character he knows*

    Kclar: The Black Hazmat...has been captured by me. This....

    Impatiens: …

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