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  • I am male.
  • ImpatiensGaster


    January 18, 2017 by ImpatiensGaster

    The eyelids of the teenager seemed to be suddenly and without warning dragged open. In his blurred vision, he could see two slender, shadowy people lifting him off of a flat, spongy surface and painfully carrying him over to something that looked uncomfortable, like a metal stretcher. 

    As he was laid down, it became clear to him that it was a flat metal table, as the shadowy figures at his sides shackled him down and hesitated after doing so, as if they expected him to put up a fight. However, he was far too tired to really see or fight back against whatever was happening to him, as if he was drugged beforehand. 

    As his vision cleared, he could begin to see that he was in a dimly lit, freezing metal chamber, and two his sides were two silent…

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  • ImpatiensGaster

    Okay, this blog is a rewrite of a record of a one-hour roleplay chat me and Kclar had. The plot of this roleplay chapter is that Kclar has captured the Black Hazmat from Dark, and Impatiens has joined her to help the Black Hazmat suffer even more with his manic ramblings. After this chat finished, the story continued with Imp, Craz and Luna (as well as a cameo by Kazoo von Nooty Noot). Unfortunately, this second iteration was not recorded by copy/paste, so it was lost forever. Here is the original roleplay, formatted so everything is in order.

    *The roleplay begins with Kclar establishing the premise, with Impatiens jokingly referring to an unseen character he knows*

    Kclar: The Black Hazmat...has been captured by me. This....

    Impatiens: …

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  • ImpatiensGaster

    Story Blog: Depths

    November 23, 2016 by ImpatiensGaster

    If you saw my post on my wall earlier, you saw that I had come up with the idea for a story where an unnatural human dressed completely in knight's armor leads a group of monsters who accompany him to help eradicate demons due to a previous incident. The ragtag group of monsters also wishes for independence from the demonic empire, since all species of monster have been used as servants and slaves for the demons since Lucifier fell. Along the way, they encounter more monsters and humans in order to fight back against the demons. 

    DEPTH, A Tale of Revolt:


    Gluttony's massive stomach rose and fell like a wave. Snot drizzled out of the boar snout and the flabby lips. Such was the demon of eating far too much. Built like a hog, acted like one, …

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  • ImpatiensGaster

    YouTube Blog

    November 5, 2016 by ImpatiensGaster

    As of last Monday (Halloween), my channel has started. However, several obstacles prevent me from making the videos I plan to upload.

    1. I don't have a good location to make stop-motion. (I need a place with more space)

    2. I barely have any time during the week to make a video, as my school and rehearsal schedules are strict. Also, until March, I am forced to do schoolwork on Saturday as well, which only leaves Sunday, when I have church and family activities, but I still have plenty of time during the afternoon, as long as I don't have visitors.

    3. Jaxx is difficult to animate: Bionicle sets in general are difficult to animate as a whole, since their feet aren't gripping onto anything. I plan to try and find a way to neutralize that problem,…

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  • ImpatiensGaster

    Sequel Blog.

    August 29, 2016 by ImpatiensGaster

    So, as my account has been changed, I have made a new one, which I feel will be much better name-wise.

    UPDATE: It appears I have not put anything on here for a while.....sorry.

    And we begin life on this new blog with my latest piece of art: a comparison of my new Impatiens design compared with my old minecraft design of him. A bit of backstory for this art; I may have gotten the dates mixed up, but the dates in the picture are mostly the dates of when I used it as the avatar for Impatiens. The original Impatiens story was that he was a mutant mercenary for hire who could manipulate plants into attacking people, which makes him out to be more of an anti-hero then what he is today. His appearance was a bit more unsettling as well: As you can s…

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