The eyelids of the teenager seemed to be suddenly and without warning dragged open. In his blurred vision, he could see two slender, shadowy people lifting him off of a flat, spongy surface and painfully carrying him over to something that looked uncomfortable, like a metal stretcher. 

As he was laid down, it became clear to him that it was a flat metal table, as the shadowy figures at his sides shackled him down and hesitated after doing so, as if they expected him to put up a fight. However, he was far too tired to really see or fight back against whatever was happening to him, as if he was drugged beforehand. 

As his vision cleared, he could begin to see that he was in a dimly lit, freezing metal chamber, and two his sides were two silent, still men, their skin black as coal, and smelled oddly like grass. However, what disturbed him the most was their heads. A gray, wooden mask in place of where their face should be. They seemed to be enchanted with feelings of misery, inhumanity, and a blank, unemotional act of harm in cold blood. 

  • CRACK* 

Everything went red, then white. When it faded out, the teen could see yet another one of the masked men standing just at the end of the table by his feet. However, this person was not at all silent.

"What are you?"

The teenager couldn't move, and did not dare speak.

"Answer my question. What are you?"

After the teen silently refused, the new masked man walked to the poor kid's right hand side and forcefully grabbed him by the chin.

"You're definitely not a human, judging on where you came from.", the masked figure growled.

"Pink skin, a long, larger mouth, large eyes...."

"What are you?"

At this moment, the teen broke.


"That is what I am asking you"


As he began to speak, a large red monstrocity broke through the walls, and right before he passed out, the teen let out one small groan.

"Dad....where are you...?"

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