As of last Monday (Halloween), my channel has started. However, several obstacles prevent me from making the videos I plan to upload.

1. I don't have a good location to make stop-motion. (I need a place with more space)

2. I barely have any time during the week to make a video, as my school and rehearsal schedules are strict. Also, until March, I am forced to do schoolwork on Saturday as well, which only leaves Sunday, when I have church and family activities, but I still have plenty of time during the afternoon, as long as I don't have visitors.

3. Jaxx is difficult to animate: Bionicle sets in general are difficult to animate as a whole, since their feet aren't gripping onto anything. I plan to try and find a way to neutralize that problem, but it's not going to be easy. 

4. My new computer requires WIndows MovieMaker, but I will need help downloading it. And since my parents are busy people, they aren't much help.

5. I have zero editing skills. Much of what I plan to do in the future depends on editing, including music, sounds, visual effects, and so on. I will need to find someone who can help me with these problems. 

6. I'm broke. I don't have any backup funds in case something goes wrong, and it'll be another year and a half until I am old enough for a job. 

Until a good majority of these problems are solved, it will be very difficult for me to upload anything at all. And since I don't plan on showing my face for a very long time, live-action blogs are out of the question. 

Luna, please don't delete this blog. I feel a need to share what I'm going through.

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