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  • Kclar228

    This page is full of nonsense, A couple of JFF (Just For Fun) Scripts i made about either Endventures or the other universes.

    There would be sometimes themed scirpts just as for Easter and all that, i hope u enjoy and i hope i get a lot of LMAOs and LOLs!

    Redstone: Do you got any ideas, how were suppose to defeat the Endermaster?

    Colin: *Looking at a board with the whole map of Minecraftia, some bits a crossed out or circled* No, not yet Red but trust me, i'll soon get an idea!

    Redstone: ._. yeah, by the time YOU do, we'll be enslaved. *Redstone leaves*

    *Colin just stands there and stares at the board*

    *Day 1: Nobraynes just skipped pass Colin and start humming, Colin doesn't notice.*

    *Week 1: Shadow is checking Colin for a heartbeat, after Redsto…

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  • Kclar228

    The group woken up to find their selves in the testing chamber, Their legs were cuffed to a wall so they couldn't move. Walking out of the shadows was the black hazmat who smiled at them.

    "Finally, your awake," he said bluntly. They notice he wasn't accompany by anyone but other than himself.

    He push a stove into the middle of the group, inside was a large rod, he picked it up and it has a bright hot orange 'H' at the end.

    "Why are we here?" demanded Aurora. "Tell us now!" yell Luna

    The hazmat just shook his head with disprovable.

    "Geez, we'll you guys ever shut up?" he asked "Anyways, in this test you will have to-" "I WON'T BE FORCE TO TAKE YOUR STUPID TEST!" yell Willcraft trying to lung himself at the Hazmat but the chains pulled him back making the…

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  • Kclar228

    Musical covers

    September 2, 2016 by Kclar228

    I'm been doing music covers on my Youtube channel and i'm wondering should i make more of the characters created by Willcraft?

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  • Kclar228


    August 17, 2016 by Kclar228

    This is my newer page for my fan videos i made or by others, including collabs, PMVS and MVS! I hope you enjoy them! I might even include some rubbish just as Willcraft related vines i made on my channel!

    Make sure you check on Perfect fish Productions for some new videos and important updates and news!

    Lovely videos i made!

    Yes, I even done maps base on Endventures or the Endventures Fandom just as Butterflies :D

    Collabs with my friends!

    For my pals!!

    Yea..stop reading the desc or i'll get Wrecker to come after you..



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  • Kclar228

    Fan art page

    April 18, 2016 by Kclar228

    Please feel free to browse around on my fan art page! I made a ton of stuff!!

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