Please feel free to browse around on my fan art page! I made a ton of stuff!!


I been accepting Challenges from people and friends for me to draw a centain character. So here is one of them

Gore Challenge


You may do the challenge as well if you want (IF your up to it!!)

This challenge involves me to draw one of the characters but in a gorey way. 

MLP stuff and crap like that

Apparently, i'm getting better of using MLP bases, so i will post some new MLP pictures and abandoned the old MLP blog  that i made like months/years/weeks ago.. and show what i had been making!

Endventures Creepypasta cross-overs

I made a few of them on my DA <<< so make sure you go and stop by, and have a look :)

Gender-swaps (Genderbends)

The name says it all xD

Edited pictures

Some very funny pictures i edited! I hope they make you laugh!! (Some are edited by my friends xD)

Comic dubs

I'll be posting them here!