Nobraynes' Insanity

Nobraynes' insanity.. You might think that Nobraynes doesn't care but he does..

I started to create my own cool Endventures gifs while waiting for the next episode to come so enjoy my gifs i made, oh look! Here's one..

I came up with the idea for this gif when i was watching Endventures, how Click-clack and the others comment about Nobraynes sounded hurtful.. just as calling him a moron, staying out of their way and sucking at fighting.. it might of cause Nobraynes to go...insane one d

Endermen, they hate humans

And this one here, well..i was bored..

Wrecker lick


Should i make a collection of these? Because i was thinking of doing the whole 

Nobraynes lick

*Licking the cookie crumbs off the screen*

Endventures group (Leaving Shadow, Rebel leader and Endaria out, i'm not so good at drawing Endaria and the Rebel
Colin lick

*lick* o3o

leader, and shadow... yea).
Endreai lick

*Licks the Endermaster's face*

Enderman pokeball

An Enderman pokeball Best use to catch Endermen only (Inside:Wrecker)

                                                                                                                                  I'm a pokemon fan, THERE I SAID 





Enderman victory dance, (sorry... i was bored ;-;)

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