This page is full of nonsense, A couple of JFF (Just For Fun) Scripts i made about either Endventures or the other universes.

There would be sometimes themed scirpts just as for Easter and all that, i hope u enjoy and i hope i get a lot of LMAOs and LOLs!

Endventures Universe

Colin's war plan (Comedy/Dark)

Redstone: Do you got any ideas, how were suppose to defeat the Endermaster?

Colin: *Looking at a board with the whole map of Minecraftia, some bits a crossed out or circled* No, not yet Red but trust me, i'll soon get an idea!

Redstone: ._. yeah, by the time YOU do, we'll be enslaved. *Redstone leaves*

*Colin just stands there and stares at the board*

*Day 1: Nobraynes just skipped pass Colin and start humming, Colin doesn't notice.*

*Week 1: Shadow is checking Colin for a heartbeat, after Redstone reported Colin have been standing there for a week*

*Week 5: The group are under-attack by Endermen, Wrecker charges at Red and manages to kill him*

*Day 2: They have a furneal for Redstone but Colin didn't even come*

*10 years: Minecraftia had been taken over by Endermen, the whole group dies (except Nobraynes who was an undercover spy by the Endermen), Endermen had put Colin on a rock and craved in it 'Foolish Human'.*

*1 hour later, Colin finally came up with an idea*

Colin: Guys! I got it! We ca- *He just realize everyone is enslaved by Endermen* ... AWW COME ON!

The End