aka Impatiens (nickname)

  • I live in A small house near Gaster's lab (Southern California)
  • I was born on June 15
  • My occupation is I plan to be a youtuber, but for now, I just try to help people out with whatever people in this world need help with,
  • I am As far as mutant hybrid plants go, I was lucky to have a gender. I am male
  • Letthewookiewin2

    Well, since the wikia is rather inactive, I've taken up blogging here. I don't really expect anyone to read this though. (Dang, I hang out with Blooky too much, but I can't resist talking to him. He's a great ghost to go to if you wanna talk about music.)
    So anyways, over here where I live, I seem to be unable to write anything special, except that Mettaton is an extremely good  dancer. That's all for right now. Tune in next time to hear me drone on and on about how boring my day was.

    Today, I made a terrible attempt at drawing a picture of everyone's favorite sexy rectangle: Mettaton!
    The knowledge that if I keep practicing, I'll become better at this, fills me with DETERMINATION!!

    I just had an inspirational ephiphany: So there was this on…

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