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  • I live in The Netherlands.
  • I was born on September 16
  • My occupation is being a Ninja Admin.
  • I am a female.
  • Luna4s

    Fanfiction - Wounded

    November 23, 2016 by Luna4s

    The car was racing down the slippery, dark, road fast. Everyone grim and panicked. Everything had gone wrong, so very very wrong. The sound pf the engine being pushed to its limit, the turning slipping tires, the howling wind against the car, it drowned out all sounds from the passengers. Outside from the soft chanting coming from the wounded Ninja.
    To all of them it felt as if they were in one singular moment that seemingly lasted forever. While driving Shuura sometimes glanced back at her passengers through the mirror. One might question the logic of letting someone without depth vision drive, but she was good at what she did and that was all that mattered. She had to focus on the road, but she couldn’t help worrying. All her passengers…

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  • Luna4s

    Welcome to the blog dedicated to my failed Fanmade Animation
    Here you will find everything I worked on and managed to .. .. sorta get done. I suppose.

    The end result is this short video of about 14 seconds. When I first started I wanted way more too happen. Summarized I wanted the video to start off on top of a hill with Katie and a sled, Click-clack would run up the hill to talk to her before she could sled down. He would boast about how good his aim was and show that by throwing a snowball at Shadow who was decorating the christmas tree together with Endaria.
    (Its a Christmas Fan animation, so thats why I'm totaly breaking the lore. I wanted the video to maybe even start with the Endermaster sitting on his throne with a santa hat on, watchin…

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  • Luna4s

    Fanart blog 2.0

    February 15, 2016 by Luna4s

    Hey, Welcome to my new blog!
    I'll post my newest drawings here, leaving the other blog unchanged from now on.
    I might even undo my latest edit, so its back to how I left it when I took a break from posting Fanart.

    For anybody that doesn't know how this was made, or wasn't around when this was all going on. Basicaly I had to prevent a ship with me in it from sailing, and I did that by making Wilrence. This image is in a very different style than what you guys are used to seeing from me. I didn't want to spend too much time on it, and wanted to try something new. So I decided to experiment a bit when making this, no thick borders or bright colors. I personaly like how it turned out.
    I'm pretty sure i'm the first one to ship them, and give them …

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  • Luna4s

    This blog will be to help anybody that needs it with editing pages. I will explain templates, wikitext and anything I know about if its asked.
    I personaly do everything in the source code, so if you use the visual editor you should probably look up a different guide .
    Feel free to leave questions in the comments! ^.^

    Some quick first-aid help
    If you're trying to use some of these and they just don't work how they are supposed too, go through these steps first.

    • Uppercase letters, Make sure you made the right letters uppercase. Wikitext is Uppercase Sensitive!
    • The order, Some code works with < / and >. If you put the / on the wrong spot the code won't end properly.
    • Double usage, some code or templates when used will overrule other code and template…

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  • Luna4s

    Mine-imator related

    May 31, 2015 by Luna4s

    I'll post mine-imator related stuff here. If you plan to work on an animation even if it has nothing to do with Willcraft just contact me on here.

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