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Made by DragonRoar4238


Made by Kclar228

Made by The Minester

Battle Characters Fanart

Minester: My pic for Willcraft's battle characters. I tried my best to keep Decay, from NOT looking casua, yet he still does. In my opinion, Medusabelle was the best one in the picture. Dr. Creepy was a little tough too.

Made by MCSANic



Made by KkcrazyCraft


My own works

Shadow Willcraft animations Girl linework

The lineworks of Genderbend shadow. Honestly I think this looks better then the colored version.

Shadow Genderbend

Shadow from Endventures Genderbent (AkA as a girl)

So I feel this picture needs a little more explaining. Since I had to just guess what she might possibly wear I made up some things to make it look interesting.

  • The belt and pouch would be a way to carry weapons and usefull things
  • I changed the clothes for variation, completely black doesn't look good
  • The hood and mask would be to hide her face, but they didn't turn out so well.
  • Her face not being completely hidden was to show she's a girl.
  • Then if you spotted the chainmail, its covered by clothes to stop it from reflecting light and to muffle any sound it might make


Not much explaining needed..... right? Maybe its a nightmare of Shadow.

So about the Shadow and Endermaster picture. I Imagen this being or a Nightmare of Shadow. Or something that will happen when the EnderMaster manages to capture Shadow and lock him up in the End somehow. I would say he might have hollowed out one of the obsidian pillars and put him in there.

I must say I don't like how the Eye turned out. But I'm not good at making male eyes and I've been working on this for a few weeks now and wanted to finish it. So please tell me what you think. ^^

This picture below I made for the soul purpose of satisfying the fandom. I actually don't ship them myself.


ShadowxEndaria Drawn in a manga style


Redstone from endventures in a manga-ish style.

This picture to the left is redstone. This was my first fan-art in manga style. I had quite some trouble with the hands. I completely used Red's colorscheme although I changed the color of his goggles as it didn't stand out enough with his hair. Now when I look back I see I should have made his goggles WAY bigger. The only thing I added is his little breast pocket with things I thought he would carry.

Nobraynes butterfly

Nobraynes with a butterfly. Yes, I know not Original at all.

Nobraynes creepypasta

This Nobraynes picture was a request from the profile picture frenzy. I'm not used to drawing anything that's supposed to be scary. So I guess this turned out pretty well for a first try.

I made this second picture because it was a request aswel. But honestly I didn't have much inspiration, as far as I know Nobraynes is an normal zombie. He doesn't have any visual traits to set him apart from other zombies, and I couldn't think of anything extra myself either.

Fanart EndariaxShadow story

A picture of Shadow and Endaria on the bottom of het ocean. Its a scene from an fan story I wrote and posted on this wikia.

Blog where the Fan Story is Located

So I'm not completely satisfied with how this picture turned out.

Firstly, I couldn't make Shadow look soaked. And secondly its not very clear they are at the bottom of the ocean, I tried adding water droplets falling from above but that didn't look right.

I also dislike how Endaria's eyes turned out, I couldn't seem to get it right.

But after a while a drawing is just done and there is no use in trying to better it. I hope you guys like it more then I do.


Only a few drawings of this series I'm proud off. I will finish it eventually, don't worry. But non of the drawings are really in the same style, so I'm thinking of re-doing some off them.
Endie eatingacookie

Endie eating a cookie. This was done for the profile picture Frenzy.

A small thing I did after drawing some random graffiti on the wall in the picture of ballerina Willcraft. I mean who wouldn't want to know what the graffiti style if each students name would be? I'm aware this is not how real graffiti looks, but I liked the look of it and decided to share it with you guys.

Random stuff

The MinesterProfile Picture

TheMinester's profile picture made for ProfilePicture Frenzy.

EndMaster treehugger

EndMasterxTree Don't worry its a joke. Or is it.... x3

Willcraftanimations Satire Sketch

Something I wanted to share with you guys when I was in a satirical mood.

Wrecker comic

The real reason Wrecker snapped... Baby blue clashes with his eyecolor, gosh don't you understand!

Hi everyone,I'm going to post all my fan-art for Willcraft on this blog. And i'll show other people's Fanart here aswel. But so each guest artist gets an equal amount of space i'll only alow 10 drawings per artist for now. Of course the artist themselves can choose which drawings they would prefer to show here, and you could see all their drawings on the artists personal blog.

Thank you for all the comments, and enjoy the Fanart ^.^ Luna 14:45, August 12, 2015 (UTC)


What kind of fan-art should I make?
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Anything with Endventures 2 28,6%
Anything cute 0 0%
I don't care 1 14,3%
Other 0 0%
Total votes 7


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Only do request that inspire you (probably results in better quality) 5 100%
Other (comments) 0 0%
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Should I finish the Monsterschool cute picture series?
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Yes 6 66,67%
No 3 33,33%
Total votes 9


Should I limited the amount of drawings per guest artist to make each picture equal size?
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Yes 5 62,5%
No 0 0%
Limited yourself as wel 2 25%
Just put all pictures on the page equally big 0 0%
Other (comments) 1 12,5%
Total votes 8

Seeing as there is an official Fan Art page now I'm going to limit guest artists here but not myself. Since this is my own Fan Art blog and I'm mainly going to use it to show off what I made myself, but if an Artists wants I glady feature some of their works aswel.
I love to see your Fan Art , so whenever you want to show some of it on here you can ask me. ^.^