Click-Clack, one of my favourite of the heroes. I love his accent!

I found some stuff I had drawn in my computer files, and thought maybe the wiki might appreciate some of my art. I mean, it is a wiki devoted to Willcraft Animations and his awesome videos, so there are bound to be other fans that would like my work.

I also need a bit of constructive critisism and some feedback on my art. I'm trying to perfect my skills using digital mediums, since I have an awful scanner and can't upload my handmade work without it looking super blurry. Anyway, you take a look at my stuff and see what you think of it.

Please enjoy my art. And Willcraft, if you happen to see this, I hope that you enjoy my pieces as much as I enjoy your animations.

Thanks for reading and talk to y'all later!


Artsy Endie is artsy. My favourite Monster School character!


Endaria, human form. I hope I get to see more of her in future Endventures.

Creep and Blaise

Looks like Creep is at it again...