This is just some idea for a series I had, where random faliures in the episodes happen

The Beggining of The End

(Take 1)

(During the part where Endreai threatens to force info out of Colin)

Colin: I don't know about the main city

Endreai: You're lying

Random Enderman: He isn't, I used a lie detector on him (shows it to him)

Endreai: Darn, he's right

(Take 2)

(Endreai teleports just his head)

Colin: Shouldn't you be dead?

Endreai: OH-(dies)

The Dark Lord

(Take 1)

Colin: Legend says-BOOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!!!!!

(Take 2)

Colin: Legend says a pig captured a Wither, so pigs could be blown up by wither skulls. But this should not happen. Only humans, villagers, cows, creepers, and ghasts were meant to be blown up by wither skulls, so the pig became the Endermaster.

That made no sense at all

I'll do more later

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