aka Aurora

  • I live in the country nicknamed 'The Butt of the World'
  • I was born on April 22
  • My occupation is Wikia editor, artist, fanfic writer, hobby animator
  • I am a female (She-wolf)
  • TheAuroraWolf

    Darker Past (Fanfic?)

    February 12, 2017 by TheAuroraWolf


    "There is no such thing as fear, my child." His voice was calm, but so void of emotion. It was soothing to the ears of the wolf pup.

    "Then why are people afraid of things, even if fear is nothing?" The pup replied, her little golden eyes demanding for more information.

    "They only fear it because they don't know how to handle what they're faced up against. They don't know what to do, so 'fear' is planted in their minds." He responded quickly. He turned to the young wolf and smiled, silver teeth glinting in the moonlight. "This is why I want you to grow up strong, Aurora. Don't be convinced that there is such thing as fear. Face it and you will realise what the world will give you if you are strong."

    The older wolf stood up, white fur l…

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  • TheAuroraWolf

    Cold War (Story?)

    February 6, 2017 by TheAuroraWolf


    The sound of distant gunshots from the battlefield reached Aurora's ears. She ears picked up more of the heavy ringing which sourced from West of the very ruins she lay huddled.

    Her fur was blown against the crumbling stone which once was a wall to the almighty Willcraftia Castle. Her head heavily veiled with many layers thick bloody bandage, obscuring most of the view of her only eye. The other was blinded by the nearby explosion. Seems that the detonation also left her incapable of invisibility.

    Her silvery winter-like coat was cold and disorganised, fur twining in the wind as she rested. Before she could return to the frontline to threaten the enemy, she had to recover. As of now, she was barely capable of even standing, let …

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  • TheAuroraWolf

    Irrelevent Stories

    December 5, 2016 by TheAuroraWolf

    Some random homeless stories with no place to call home. Well, I'm gonna dump the stuff here. Now, before you can start yelling about Dark, the whole story will be made into a comic. This has some crap and creepy stuff, so please don't try to cry out about how random these are.

    BONUS: If I post a fanfic, if you get the reference, I will draw something for ya. FOR FREE.


    (I'll write in the morning, haha.)

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  • TheAuroraWolf

    Dark (Comic)

    November 13, 2016 by TheAuroraWolf

    The comic version of my Fanfiction:

    (It won't fit, so I'll redirect you to its Folder on DA.)

    Comic Folder

    The comic will update a new page or teaser every week, Sundays. More information on this is explained on its journal entry.

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  • TheAuroraWolf

    Rating: PG 13+ (Contains blood, gore, dark themes and disturbing literature.

    "Everyone alright?" Luna, a ninja admin, asked the other members sitting and searching around for her flashlight which was safely tucked in her belt. She found it and shone it around to count everyone and was relieved to have seen everyone in good shape.

    "I'm good, a little sick, but good," Impatiens, the hybrid flower mutant replied, rubbing his head. He leaned back wearily on the cold metal that broke off Luna's torch.

    "What happened? Why are we here?" Kclar, a young, brown haired girl asked, calmly looking around the confined area. She stood up to see

    "Trapped, apparently. Bunch of creeps got into the base, shot us with tranquilizer guns and loaded us into this... …

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