We've been very active in expanding the fanfiction page. It may as well be one of the largest pages on the wikia. We all have different styles in writing, and this is supported by the different genres people write in. I prefer the adventurous, action kind, fellow wikia members Kclar and Impatiens have written in the grim, dark, macabre horror genre (and occasionally the comedy), and from CrazTheGenericFangirl's story, she writes well in the action and adventure genre.

Most of the wikia members have at least one genre to start with. Pick the one you like to write in! Who cares, just find your story arc style. A rare but effective fanfiction has a mixture of two genres, or even three! Experiment, see how you go.

Spelling and Punctuation

Spelling and punctuation is very important in ANY type of literature. We can't tell what the story is about if the spelling and grammar was a mess. We can deal with issues like so, which many can follow.

Spelling 1. If you don't know the spelling of a word, if you have one in reach, look it up in a dictionary. These provide the correct spelling to the word.

2. If you don't have a dictionary, type the word anyway. Autocorrect will add red lines under the word. Right click on the highlighted word, and the correct spelling may be able to pop up as an option.

3. If you don't usually speak English, use google translate. This will do good.

Grammar Not much is to be found on the internet, but you could always get other wikia members to check where things should be. This is, what to say, called open editing. We are always there to help out!

Storyline and Plot

Storyline. This is the most important in the WHOLE story. To make a good fanfic, you must have a good build up. Too much unnecessary filler will make your story fall. Don't be scared to add in detail, but don't add too much. This will effect your story's build up.

Start in the action! To start in the action, always get a motivating start, which can be explained later. Start in the desired setting, time and story flow. Don't start in a 'wake up in the morning, eat breakfast, blah, blah blah.' That start will just make readers walk away. Have a good start! This builds in the story, right?

Balancing Balance the scenes. Don't overuse dialogue, or stay in the same scene for thirty minutes. Move the story along! Progress! Don't sit there! Work on trying to balance suspense, action, explanation and discussion.

Plot twist Plot twists have to be unexpected, so try to hide them in well. These are used in very intense parts of a story, so use them wisely. We can't deal with plot twists everywhere, so limit to at least one or two. Make the twist unique! Don't use the common plot changing moments, so try to stay in the zone of advantage when using these.


Bland, plain characters are really... ugh. This is a WILLCRAFT FANFIC people! Stick to the personalities given. Unless the world is like the 'opposite, snapped side', the characters must stick to their given personality. If using the personas of the wikia members, like in Craz's fanfiction (which you should check out!!), the thread on 'Your Persona's' in the fun and games board is a resource to see the personalities, appearance and bio of the OCs.

If using your own OC, make them interesting and unique. We can't stand the typical character types, as this is what makes people stick to the canon characters.


So, I'm leaving it here. If I've missed something, I'll add it in. Remember, this blog will be updated according to what I learn, so not everything is here. Have fun writing, guys!!

~ AuroraTheWolf

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