The sound of distant gunshots from the battlefield reached Aurora's ears. She ears picked up more of the heavy ringing which sourced from West of the very ruins she lay huddled.

Her fur was blown against the crumbling stone which once was a wall to the almighty Willcraftia Castle. Her head heavily veiled with many layers thick bloody bandage, obscuring most of the view of her only eye. The other was blinded by the nearby explosion. Seems that the detonation also left her incapable of invisibility.

Her silvery winter-like coat was cold and disorganised, fur twining in the wind as she rested. Before she could return to the frontline to threaten the enemy, she had to recover. As of now, she was barely capable of even standing, let alone limping with the severly wounded left foreleg which was grazed heavily from a failed attempt to assassinate one of the opponents' officers. She wasn't aware of the traps planted across the East garrison and had unfortunately been snapped on the leg on the way to aggress the enemy.

It didn't get any better when she was confronted by a troop of rivals that were planned on advancing into the remainders of the wreckage of the once proud castle.

Not everyone was dead, but a few have fallen in the past few days of the hard and cold war.

Chapter 1: Flashbacks

On day 1, everyone seemed to do well in their positions. It was the only day in which they had successfully held off the enemy. It was enough time for them to strategize for the rest of the week. At this time, they plotted the deployment of the explosive they had smuggled out of the enemy camp.

Day 2, the plan was working alright. The enemy fell short of water and food supplies when the only sources they had were contaminated by the waste dumped by the Willcraftia Clan. The Willcraftia team had dug a tunnel leading the clean water to their base and made the nearby city's sewage deposit empty itself in the canal that was dug out for the enemy. Food sources that were clearly scheduled were threatened by Dragon (aka Roar), and forced into giving him their supplies.

Day 3, plans of the bombing of the enemy base was ready. Craz would be deploying the bomb. Luna had arranged Aurora, herself and Will to go out into the soon-to-be-ruins of the enemy camp to kill any surviving opponents.

Day 4...

It wasn't supposed to happen like this.

The bomb was discovered by the enemy. Someone hijacked the systems. The opposition only started to heat up now. Bombing failed. Instead, we sent Dragon to just blast them with his arcane flames.

It went horribly wrong.

Little did they know did the enemy had set up special defence modules, specifically made to deflect fire and explosion-based attacks. To go along with it, a ballista carved out of Cursewood, a tree immune to magical attacks. The worst detail was that it was equipped with Wyrmbane arrows. A metal explicitly made to pierce dragonhide.

Everyone had watched as a crucial member to the team had run straight into the choking grasp of the enemy.

The valiant dragon had climbed skywards to make an astonishing dive in hopes of shattering the magical defences of the foe, but as he ascended, one of the dangerous projectiles of the enemy were lobbed in his direction.

It took a while, the great beast and imposing member of the Willcraftia clan had disappeared through the clouds, but then, the latter was spotted, plummeting through the skies, emitting an atrocious roar full of grief, loss and failure.

The bolt had perforated his left wing, but such pressure of the drastic increase in altitude had lacerated it even further and thus, bringing him down.

As well as his frantic cries that filled the air, the deafening crack that hit the floor as he plummeted onto the dry ground was most ghastly. His voice had snapped all so suddenly and he was left to suffer the damages.

It was heard that the enemy located where he had crashed, far off to the South. When the recovery team got there, he was dead, with a Wyrmbane arrow buried deep into his throat and many curses and threats cut deeply into his once glistening obsidian-dyed scales.

Day 5.

Three others, dead.

The water supplies were poisoned. Luckily, the Willcraftia Team found out before any fatalities had been reported. They didn't expect their remaining food stocks to be envenomed though. Kclar was reported to have some issues with her stomach when she took some rations as she kept lookout on the tower. She hadn't come down for a few hours.

Impatiens was sent up to her post and found her dead on the floor of her lookout, her amber eyes empty and cold.

Tigerstar was sent into the field with Luna. With Tiger's ability to teleport and Luna's cloaking abilities and skills, they managed to sneak into the enemy fortress.

As they scavenged for weaponry and information on the enemy's plans, the magical forcefield was set up again. That meant the two would either have to shut it off or wait until it shut off later when a patrol was sent out.

Shutting it off was too risky, so they had to wait it out.

Hours past and they waited near the rear of the base where transport had been docked. The duo failed to notice the hidden cameras around the dock and were caught by troops who had returned from the frontline.

The two Willcraftia assassins effortlessly cut through the opposition, but none of them were aware of the sniper from the tower.


And Tigerstar, who was caught by surprise, took the shot right through the chest. The wounded cat was too tired to continue, nor did he have enough energy to attempt at healing himself.

He died as Luna tried her best to maintain his blood loss, but no avail. Tigerstar breathed his last as Luna cradled his head in her lap and stroked his thick, glossy fur in attempt to stop him from crying out in displeasure.

She tried to keep everyone safe, yet she hopelessly watched one of them die in her arms.

She tried to keep everyone safe...

But even she couldn't save another.

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