There was a man in a mask named Willcraft, he had psychic powers but had two personality sides, the black suit one with sadistic but non-murderous hatred nature, and the other personality, showed murderous hatred and no sense of humor but the likes the stuff the real Willcraft dislikes and presented itself with a white tuxedo and a white mask. The real Willcraft took this second personality out of his body but this second personality was turned into its own body. This second persona of Willcraft went into hiding, waiting and planning his revenge on his "brother".

AuroraWolf, Kclar, Impatiens, DragonRoar, and Luna all appeared in a meeting created by Willcraft. "Hey, why are we here?" questioned Dragon, "Willcraft send us here." answered Luna. "But where the hell's Willcraft?" said AuroraWolf. "Sorry to keep ya waiting." said Willcraft appearing out of nowhere. "Willcraft!" said Impatiens and Kclar.

"I invited you to this meeting to discuss something important..." "What is it?" said Aurora.

"A new threat has arrived," answered Willcraft, "This new threat will be appearing soon and we must be prepared for this attack."

Meanwhile, inside a cave, a mysterious person arrives outside of a cave, this mysterious person looked like Willcraft only his tuxedo and mask is white and has a different personality, he looks at the view with a sinister laugh.

"This world is will be under my control," said the Mysterious Man, "Let the battle begin, brother."

"What's this new threat, Willcraft is talking about?" questioned Kclar as they leave the meeting. "Willcfaft never said anything," answered Luna, "This threat might be some secret enemy where gonna fight."

Willcraft looks at the window and looks at his hands, "I knew this day would come," said Willcraft, "I'll make sure to erase you from this existance."

The next day, a shadowish creature appeared and attacked the city. "This world will be recreated under my image," said the Mysterious Man. The crew appeared and notice the mysterious man. "What the?" said Dragon, "Is that Willcraft?" "That isn't Willcraft," said Luna, "He's a fake!"

The mysterious man laughed hysterically, "a fake?" responded the Mysterious Man, "I'm no fake, just a "brother" of Willcraft, and it seems like he recruited lackeys." "Don't mock us you fake!" yelled AuroraWolf, "We're not his lackeys, we're his friends respected by him." 'You fools, Willcraft doesn't respect you," mocked The Mysterious Man, "He's just using you, you're not his friends."

A lightning bolt appeared and went towards the shadowy creature. "Did you think manipulative words will turn my friends against me?" said Willcraft, "You're invasion failed, Tafarcill, it's over." "Tsk, pathetic," said Tafarcill, "I'll have to get you out of my way, then I'll recreate this world under my image."


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