Halloween is here, we can now get free candy, and wearing costumes (although, I gotta be careful on Halloween because of these Creepy Clown invasions)

I have chosen who I'm gonna be, unforunately I didn't buy it yet but luckily they can get here in a few weeks or so, still searching up the costume on Amazon and eBay. But if I don't get it then I'll just be Anonymous again.


Well I officially got my costume, sorta, I'll show you what I'm trying to be...

Tobi render by itachi1998-d4oj6vn

If you watch Naruto, then you know who Tobi (or Obito) is. Also I said sorta, because I don't have the mask yet, I have the Akatsuki Cloak from Amazon, but not the mask. I've checked the listings for the mask on Amazon and eBay, but some of them come around November, not October, luckily there's one that comes around October.

I'll update soon...<strike>

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