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    Hey everyone! I like to annouce we have two new wikis in the Willcraft Animations Wiki Family: Monster School Wiki and Endventures Wiki. They are about everyone from Monster School and Endventures, respectively. That sounds cool and all but we need all the help on the wikis (especially the Endventures Wiki). If you do that, that'll be great help to me. Until then, The A.


    Monster School Wiki -

    Endventures Wiki -

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    One day, I was taking a look at the Monster School Couple Percentage page and the poll idea (which is about which student's love is the best for that student) gave me an idea: How about a tournament about which Willcraft character is the best? This blog is about that idea.

    The tournament will use the classic poll system. There will be two characters in one poll. People will then vote which one is the best. After about a week. The results will be viewed and the winning characters will be annouced. There will be 8 polls once a week and will be lowered if needed. For example:

    See! It's that simple! The characters must be made by Willcraft (so no fan-made characters) and they have to be in Monster School, Endventures, and the Character vs. Charc…

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    One day, I was being me when something hit to me: As I love Endventures (as well as Monster School) and countdowns, how about a top 10 Endventures countdown? So here it is. Before I begin there must be rules:

    1. It must be an original character (by WIllcraft) so no fan/idea characters

    2.This MY opinion. Repeat! MY OPINION. So if you want to start spamming, do it somewhere else(or nowhere for that matter).

    3. A character's rank is based on their backstory, personality, and/or powers

    With that done, let's begin!

    Number 10: Endy, Tendy, and Slendy

    Starting this list is the Enderman triplets: Endy, Tendy, and Slendy. These guys have your average Enderman powers like teleporting. They also have a slightly higher intelligence as well. They sometimes d…

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